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50 Books Every Market Researcher Should Read

With the explosion of user-generated content, we — as a society – create more content in a day than people did in a year a decade ago. Don’t get me wrong — a lot of the content produced these days is quite useful, well written and adds value to business. But, a lot of it is also written targeting the Google Bots and not the human beings! That’s a topic for another day. What I want to address today is that we should be careful about that although it’s good to ride the wave, it is critical to go back to fundamentals once in a while. And for getting back to fundamentals, we REALLY got to go back to the source or the foundations of the Market Research and its related industries. That’s right, we went wide and deep to pick the top 50 books we think every market researcher should read separated by category. Lets get into it.

Finals Week: Using Technology & Transcription to Study Smarter

Early morning cram sessions, group projects and all-nighters. Finals week and midterms are a stressful time that everyone can relate to in college (and even high school). Lucky for the average student today, technology exists to make life easier for your stressed brain. You can take advantage of the tech you already have access to in order to help your brain…

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How to Enhance Your Audio Quality

Creating a high quality audio recording isn’t as hard to achieve as one might think. With so many technological advances and digital tricks up our sleeves, it’s never been easier to capture great audio for personal or professional use. Using enhanced audio files is the best way to ensure you receive the absolute highest quality transcripts possible. With some attention…

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Meet the TranscribeMe Community: Shelly

We’re shining a light on some of the best, most active transcriptionists in the TranscribeMe community! Meet the amazing, hard-working, detail-oriented people from all around the world that make our transcription process the best in the business. Meet Shelly from Indiana, United States… When did you get into transcription? I became interested in transcribing over two years ago. I saw…

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Powerful Transcription Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

In a world so dominated by the ability to be efficient, effective and profitable, enterprise businesses anywhere around the world can benefit from high accuracy, scalable voice to text services. By using a trusted transcription provider to turn your recorded audio into indexable, easy-to-find text, your business will save an incredible amount of time, energy and money in the long-term….

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Best-In-Class Academic Transcription for Educational & Research Needs

Looking for academic transcription for your higher education and research needs? We provide many specialized transcription services for academic professionals and students, including accurate transcripts of: >> Multi-Speaker Meetings & Focus Groups >> Recordings of Lectures & Seminars >> Dictation by Professors >> Research Interviews >> Ideas for Theses & Dissertations Learn More: http://transcribeme.com/academic-research-transcription