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Accurate & Fast Legal Transcription Services

We are a World Class Legal Transcription company that saves law firms, attorneys, paralegals, investigators, police, digital court reporters time and money by converting your legal audio/video content into a transcript quickly and securely.

Accurate & Fast Legal Transcription Services
TranscribeMe & Stenograph Partnership

TranscribeMe & Stenograph Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Stenograph. This partnership delivers best-in-class transcription services for the entire Legal industry, particularly when it comes to transcribing depositions, trials, and other legal proceedings.

As Stenograph’s official transcription partner, we offer MAXScribe users access to meticulously edited transcripts in a format compatible with MAXScribe. With this resource, MAXScribe users are able to produce a higher volume of final transcripts quickly and with minimal effort.

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What is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is the process of converting legal audio or video into text. We’ll work with you to create a customizable template that adheres to your necessary criteria for transcripts and legal document submissions. This includes outputs that are compatible with software like MAXScribe, CaseCatalyst, and YesLaw.

Additionally, we can deliver any type of ASCII or text output formatted to the jurisdiction or style of your choice. This includes customizing the output to meet any of your needs such as creating custom speaker labels, bylines, lines per page, adding certification pages, and much more.

Our legal services include secure transcription of all kinds of audio and video data related to discovery and pre-trial research. We can also include additional language services like Translation for this type of data as well. Plus, we’ve handled thousands of legal projects, so we understand the importance of legal transcription with careful attention to detail.

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Transcription Output For Your Needs

Delivering accurate legal transcriptions by trained professionals

At TranscribeMe, we deliver consistent, high-quality legal transcriptions for any type of legal proceeding. Using the latest speech recognition technology paired with our expert, highly trained human transcriptionists, we provide Rough and Ready to Certify quality transcripts at any scale.

The difference with TranscribeMe is that through our process we capture the nuances of human dialogue and ensure that we not only provide the highest quality but deliver the true and accurate representation of the official record. While our team leverages the best in AI tools, AI can only go so far.

Comprehensive, complete transcriptions

With our trained team of legal transcriptionists, we ensure all aspects of the proceeding are appropriately transcribed, including the following:

  • Correct colloquy and Q&A speaker identification
  • Parentheticals and bylines are appropriately annotated
  • Names, dates, proper nouns, and technical terms referenced and spelled accurately
  • Only on-the-record dialogue is captured
  • Crosstalk is properly written
  • Interpreter dialogue is correctly transcribed

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How TranscribeMe’s Legal Transcription Team Works With You

24/7 Support from a Dedicated Team of Legal Transcription Experts

We will create a transcription team built around your unique use case. Each transcriptionist has training in legal terminology, formatting, and style. They also have to have a proven high-accuracy track record before joining the team.

Data Security

The security of your data is our top priority. We’re proud to report that we’ve passed 100% of our security audits, and we perform system-wide penetration tests on an annual basis.

Customization Capabilities

We can customize all of your legal documents to meet your specific formatting requirements.

Flexible to Scale

No matter the size of your organization or volume of content, our team can be scaled up to meet any volume needs.

Competitive Rates

By offering a combination of AI speech recognition and human transcription, we’re able to provide legal transcription services at the best possible rate.

Plus, each project receives a custom quote to ensure you’re getting what you need.

Expert Translation Services

We offer accurate and reliable translations in many different languages.

Our team of expert human translators is skilled at picking up on subtleties like accents, regional speech patterns, and uncommon words to ensure the translations are delivered in the proper context.

How TranscribeMe is Perfect for Court
Reporting Firms & the Legal Industry

Increase Your Firm's Revenue Potential

The goal in us helping your team is to increase the productivity of each of your court reporters. Our team will focus on the heavy lifting of legal transcription work to make final production faster and easier.

This gives your court reporters the ability to take on more legal proceedings, bringing more meaningful work and revenue into the firm.

Reduce Redundant Workload

By partnering with us on legal transcription services, legal groups, and corporate legal departments will see improvements in their productivity almost instantly.

Plus, your firm will be able to save valuable time, money, and resources. You’ll have a dedicated and highly trained team at your disposal when the need arises – you’ll be receiving high-quality legal transcripts without having to hire costly in-house transcriptionists.

Digitally Secure & Manage Your Legal Files

Our platform utilizes the best in security and confidentiality tools to ensure that your files, transcriptions, and data remain safe and secure at all times.

For offices making the move to a more digital system, this is incredibly helpful for indexing case or project information for immediate recall and efficient report redaction.

Faster Turnaround Times on Transcripts

We aim to be a helpful and diligent transcription partner for our Legal and Court Reporter clients alike.

We’re here to help get court reporting transcriptions done and back faster so that you can conduct the most important aspects of your work while opening more bandwidth for those types of activities.

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Legal Transcription FAQs

How much does Legal transcription Cost?

Legal transcription rates vary depending on the amount of customization, size, and timeline of your project. Please contact us so we can create a custom quote for you.

What type of transcript should I purchase?

If you just need a plain text transcript to be used for research of submitted as evidence in a proceeding, you can order directly here. Our Standard transcription product is the most widely requested. Here’s a link to the different products we offer.

If you need specific legally formatted documents, such as a deposition transcription or court proceeding transcript, then you can contact us for a quote, and a member of our team will reach out immediately.

Are your transcriptionists familiar with legal terminologies?

Yes, our transcriptionists have been specifically trained on this custom service.

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By offering a combination of AI speech recognition and human transcription, TranscribeMe is proud to provide legal transcription services at some of the most competitive rates on the market.

Do I need any special equipment to use your legal transcription services?

No, there is no special equipment required to use our services. All we need is a digital audio or video recording.

Do you usually assign a project manager whom we can contact in case of any queries?

Yes, depending on the scope and timelines of your project, you will either have an executive account manager, a sales representative, or an operations project manager assigned to your project.

What are your working hours?

We transcribe 24/7, however, our account and project managers are available 9am-5pm PST Monday through Friday. Our support team is also available 24/7 if an emergency should arise.

How do you ensure that our legal records will be kept confidential?

Our confidential legal transcription services are backed by a proprietary task distribution and workforce management platform that  has been built with the industry’s best information security protocols and processes to ensure that your data is encrypted and securely maintained.

What are legal transcription services?

Legal transcription is the process of taking different audio and video from legal proceedings and creating a true and accurate representation of the official record, formatted to specific jurisdictional requirements.

At TranscribeMe, we’ll work with you to provide the transcripts you need, in your required format.

TranscribeMe’s legal transcription services include secure transcription of all kinds of legal and legal adjacent proceedings. We can also include additional language services, like Translation for this type of data as well. Plus, we’ve handled thousands of legal projects, so we understand the importance of legal transcribing with careful attention to detail.

Is a legal transcriptionist the same as a court reporter?

No, a legal transcriptionist and a court reporter are not the same, although they both work within the legal field and deal with transcribing spoken content.

A legal transcriptionist is responsible for converting audio recordings of legal proceedings, interviews, dictations, or other spoken content into written transcripts. They work with various types of audio recordings and produce written documents that accurately represent the spoken words. TranscribeMe is proud to be a World Class Legal Transcription company that saves law firms, attorneys, paralegals, investigators, police, and digital court reporters time and money by converting your legal audio/video content into a transcript quickly and securely.

On the other hand, a court reporter is responsible for administering a legal proceeding and producing  an official verbatim record of spoken content during legal proceedings.

How long does a Transcript take?

The time that it takes to finish a transcript will depend on the duration and the audio quality. We strive to have most audio files that are 90 minutes or less, completed within 2-3 business days.

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