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Academic Transcription Services

Fast, accurate, simplified transcription for all of your complex educational needs.

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Academic Transcription Services
Academic Transcription Services for a Wide Range of Educational Needs

Academic Transcription Services for a Wide Range of Educational Needs

We provide many specialized services for academic professionals and students. Some of our most common education use cases are:

  • Multi-speaker meetings and focus groups
  • Academic research transcription
  • Recordings of lectures and seminars
  • Dictation by professors
  • Academic research interviews
  • Ideas for theses and dissertations

Why Choose our Academic Transcription Services?

Faster Turnaround Times on Transcripts

Fast Turnaround

Our powerful platform leverages speech recognition algorithms and a community of domain-trained transcriptionists to provide you with the quickest delivery time, and most flexibility, for your medical transcriptions.

Quality & Experience

High Quality

Our proprietary review process consists of multiple levels of review to ensure the highest level of quality in all academic transcriptions. We guarantee 99%+ accuracy, and will redo any work that doesn’t meet these standards.

Unparalleled Security

Top-Rated Security

We can customize all of your legal documents to meet your specific formatting requirements.

Hybrid Transcription

Hybrid Transcription

We deliver quality speech recognition technology combined with expertly-trained human transcription to ensure the most accurate transcripts of your academic audio are produced and delivered, every time.

Academic Transcription Features

With TranscribeMe, you’ll enjoy customizable packages backed by experts with a proven, secure transcription process that will drive success. Plus, we offer:

API/SFTP Functionality

API/SFTP Functionality

The transcription process can be automated with our REST API or through an easy-to-use SFTP.



Workflows can be custom organized to meet HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance requirements.


Geofencing Capabilities

Transcriber teams can be limited to certain areas or have specific certifications to meet most use cases.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Around the clock support with under 24 hour response time, and an Account Manager dedicated to your team.

Language Support

Language Support

Transcriptions can be provided in a number of different languages and with many accents.

Platform Customization

Team Accounts

Easily manage your team with enhanced features that ensure oversight and administrative control. - The Gold Standard in transcription services

Need our services for academic transcriptions?

Our education transcription services can be customized to your specific needs. Request a quote to get started!

High Volume & Recurring Academic Transcription Projects

We offer completely customized packages to fit any project specifications, whether you find your academic transcript needs are recurring (daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly) or require any specialized formatting.

We have a proven record of high volume transcriptions completed quickly, accurately and to scale. With a secure, automated workflow and team of experts, we will create a plan and follow through to ensure everything is handled with care.

High Volume & Recurring Academic Transcription Projects

Frequently asked questions

What is academic transcription service?

Academic transcription service is transcription that provides a text format that can then be used in research analytic software for the academic researcher.

It’s also used for professors and teachers to create learning materials for their students. For instance, a professor will videotape their lecture, get a transcript of it, and then provide the transcript to their students. These services are commonly used in educational institutions, research settings, and academic environments to transcribe various types of audio or video recordings related to academic activities.

What is the going rate for transcription services?

The rates for transcription services can vary widely based on several factors, including the duration and complexity of the content, the quality and accuracy required, the turnaround time, and the location of the transcription service provider. A 1-hour recorded interview can vary between $65-$90.

TranscribeMe is proud to offer some of the most competitive transcription rates available – our First Draft service starts at $.79/min, with a 98% accuracy average.

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