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Improve and enrich your recorded audio content by converting it into highly accurate text.

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About Our Enterprise Services

Simplified and secure transcription for all of your complex, high volume business needs.

Top-Rated Security

Our micro-tasking workflow segments your audio into small, encrypted sections to ensure the highest confidentiality. Our service is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud to store information in the most secure way available, making it possible to provide even fully HIPAA-compliant services if required.

High Quality

We use a proprietary review process consisting of multiple levels of review and approval to ensure the highest level of quality in all transcriptions. We guarantee a minimum of 99%+ accuracy, and will redo any work that doesn’t meet these standards at no charge.

Fast Turnaround

Our advanced platform leverages speech recognition algorithms and a community of over 2 million registered workers to provide you with the quickest turnaround time and most flexibility for your transcription requirements.

Hybrid Transcription

We deliver high quality automated speech recognition technology combined with human transcription to ensure that the highest accuracy transcripts of your audio are produced each and every time – all with a guarantee of 99% accuracy or higher.

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