AI Datasets & Machine Learning Services

Highly Custom Transcription Formatted for Your AI Machine Learning Systems

Customized styles, tagging, and speaker names

Time-stamping to the millisecond

Transcription formats for any AI system

Highly secure platform & confidential data

Annotation services available

AI Datasets and Machine Learning Services Services
Custom Transcription Formatted for Your AI Machine Learning Systems

High Quality, Custom AI
Transcriptions for Any Project

Successful artificial intelligence and machine learning models require transcriptions that are specifically formatted for your use case and AI system. With access to a large global workforce we are able to recruit, train, and manage teams of any size to transcribe your audio into a structured format, specific to your machine learning requirements.

If you do not have the audio to transcribe, we can also create the audio to use as your ai dataset.

For our AI dataset and machine learning customers, we can create any output format for your data engineering team.

Why Choose Our AI Machine
Learning Services?

Custom Structured Data

Our team has the capability to meet any style-guidelines needed for your AI transcription. In addition, we can produce any output format necessary for your AI machine learning system.

Skillfully Trained Teams

We have robust, specifically trained teams for these types of AI transcriptions, making it possible to build and scale quickly to meet your needs.

Competitive Rates

Highly custom transcription service oftentimes can mean high rates, however due to our team and process efficiencies, we’ve been able to achieve some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Get a quote today.

How Our AI Datasets Services Work

Personalized Approach

Our project team will work with you, as a new partner, to understand exactly what transcription datasets you want and the desired output or format you would like, in order to make your AI Machine learning project a success.

Send Audio

Once our project is kicked off, you can provide all of the audio necessary for our AI Transcription, in any of our provided methods with optimal security.

We’ll Deliver Your AI Transcriptions

Our team will deliver your AI transcriptions in the desired timeframes, platforms, and outputs that were pre-determined in your ai dataset project kick-off.

Our AI Dataset Technical Capabilities

Worker teams can be segmented and trained for your use case, and can include the following:

Geofenced to specific locations

Background checks

Specific skill-sets or past experience

Heavy priority for data security, including:

Maintaining and limiting data to certain geographic locations

Platform can be cloned within AWS or Azure servers to segregate your data

Virtual desktops can be deployed for workers

TranscribeMe - Transcription

Want to learn more about our AI Datasets?

Audio Datasets for Machine Learning

Don't have your own audio?
We can create it.

Audio data recording can be customized to mimic different environments, including:

  • Data recorded from certain types of devices
  • Limitation of duration
  • Audio can be created in 8 or 16kHz telephony or VOIP technologies
  • We can use pre-written scripts or improvise off of a topic for a more organic conversation
  • Single speaker or multiple-speaker data can be created

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