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Powerful Transcription Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

By October 11, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

In a world so dominated by the ability to be efficient, effective and profitable, enterprise businesses anywhere around the world can benefit from high accuracy, scalable voice to text services.

By using a trusted transcription provider to turn your recorded audio into indexable, easy-to-find text, your business will save an incredible amount of time, energy and money in the long-term. Additionally, you’ll be on your way to improving search rankings online, streamlining business processes internally, enhancing corporate content and much more.

Always Secure, Accurate & Scalable 

Our transcription process is unique to what any other business transcription provider has. With powerful speech technology and an encrypted, micro-tasked workflow, we offer complete confidentiality and security for every enterprise project.

All of our transcriptionists are vetted for skill and professionalism, and are required to sign Non Disclosure Agreements. For enterprise businesses that need added security, we can provide teams of geofenced workers and even those that have undergone background checks.

Our network of experts and high accuracy technology make recurring or special projects simple, at any volume. We guarantee 99%+ accuracy for every enterprise transcription jobs that we receive, and have a proven record of delivering high volume transcriptions on schedule and at any scale.

Formatted & Edited Transcripts

We offer a variety of transcription formatting and editing options, along with customized packages to fit your specific requirements. Our popular transcript styles include:

  • Speaker identification
  • Accurate timestamps
  • SRT (for closed captions)
  • Custom formatting
  • Edited, clean and full verbatim

Common Transcription Needs

No matter your industry or place within your market, there are hundreds of time and money-saving transcription uses for enterprise businesses:

  • Key conference and seminar recordings.
  • Transcripts of focus groups for market research.
  • Training materials, internal corporate videos and more.
  • Transcribing interviews and meetings.
  • Administrative transcription of recorded audio.
  • Transcripts of claims and HR interviews.
  • Accurate document translations.
  • Multi-speaker meetings and conferences.


Find out how our Enterprise Transcription Solutions can help your business. Get in touch with a representative to learn more!

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