Machine Express Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Transcription

Our fastest, most affordable transcription option utilizes advanced automated speech recognition algorithms for high accuracy. Only $0.07 per audio minute!

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Why Choose Machine Express for Your Transcription Needs

Lowest Prices Anywhere

$0.07 an audio minute, this is our fastest and most affordable transcription service yet!

Easy To Get Started

Upload your audio and video files to our platform, order Machine Express Transcription, and you’ll receive a high quality transcription in no time at all.

Quick Turnaround

A turnaround time 3 to 5 times the length of your audio file (meaning that one minute of audio takes 3-5 minutes to transcribe).

Secure & Industry Best

Our Machine Express transcription services are built with the industry’s best information security protocols and processes to ensure that your data is encrypted and securely maintained throughout the process.

Enterprise Solutions

No matter the size of your team or volume of content, we can customize our product to work for your organization.

Transcripts in Multiple Formats

Easily download your transcript in almost any format such as TXT, Word, HTML, and PDF.

How Our Automated Speech Recognition Software Works

Upload Your Content

Start by uploading your files to our Customer Portal, which can be done via DropBox, our app, or public links (ie YouTube).

Transcription Magic

Once you order Machine Express Transcription, your file will be transcribed by the most advanced technology in the industry. We provide exceptional results at the lowest prices.

Download & Save

Once your transcript is completed, you will be emailed a notification advising your transcript is available for download.

All of our Machine Express transcripts are returned with 30-second automated timestamps (to the nearest punctuation mark). We are also able to remove “umms,” “ahhs,” and stuttering to improve readability. Speaker identification is not available for this service, see transcription services.

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Automated Speech Recognition Languages We Support
















Popular Use Cases

  • Single or two speaker dictation or note taking for journalists, lawyers, and students
  • Two person interviews
  • Video transcription

Use Cases to Avoid

  • Call Recording Transcripts
  • Multiple speaker transcripts
  • Focus groups

Looking to have these types of use cases transcribed? See our transcription services.

Popular Industries We Serve

AI & Machine Learning

If you have good quality audio, ASR transcriptions can be done quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively for high volumes. Training AI takes a lot of data and sometimes you don’t have a lot of time, come talk with us, we may have a solution.


Our automated speech recognition software is great for when you have good quality audio and need transcription for conference speaking, video, and user interviews at high volumes.


ASR Transcription will provide a quick turnaround for all note taking, dissertations, and dictations for students and faculty alike.


ASR transcriptions are perfect for dictated scripts, internal notes, and books.

Machine Express Transcription FAQs

How accurate is Machine Express Transcription? How can I receive the greatest accuracy for my files?

While we strive to ensure the highest-accuracy transcription possible, the accuracy of your Machine Express transcript greatly depends on the quality of the audio you send us. When sending audio, be sure that it includes: 

  • No background noise
  • Speakers close to microphone
  • No crosstalk
  • Clear accents
  • 3 Speakers or Less

What languages can be transcribed using Machine Express?

The majority of languages can be ordered directly from our customer portal on Machine Express, if you find a language not available, please contact us and we’ll arrange to get it done for you.

What is the standard turnaround time for Machine Express?

Our Machine Express transcripts are completed in about 3 to 5x the duration of your audio file. So a 10 minute file will take about 30 minutes to transcribe.

How do you keep our transcription files secure?

TranscribeMe’s unique micro-tasking process segments each part of your audio into small sections. Moreover, TranscribeMe’s platform is built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud solution – which is best-in-class in regards to data security.

What format will the completed transcription be in?

Transcripts are available for secure download in Word, TXT, PDF, and HTML, format in your Customer Portal Account.

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