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Transcription Industry Solutions

Shaping the Future in Every Industry

No matter what industry you need transcription for, we are focused on providing the highest quality services at the lowest prices.


Popular Industries We Serve

AI & Machine Learning

The very best in human intelligence requires top quality training data for speech NLP and computer vision models.


We have experienced, dedicated teams of workers who specialize in healthcare related content who provide accurate and confidential transcriptions for both our Medical and HIPAA-compliant services.


We convert audio/video content into transcripts quickly and securing to save law firms, investigators, police force, or research firms time and money.


Fast, easy lecture and dissertation transcripts for students or faculty, compatible with NVivo and other research platforms.


Affordable and secure transcription, translation, and data annotation for UX research, user interviews, conferences, and other industry needs.

Market Research

Analyze interviews, focus groups, and data mine content to turn your qualitative audio content into quantitative text.


Fast transcription and research data to meet due diligence and management consulting research needs.

Call Centers

Automated speech recognition & analytics for call centers


Customized for your large volume needs, including a variety of enterprise security requirements.

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