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Data Annotation Services for AI & Machine Learning

Enhance your artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology with our global network of expert workers that deliver the highest quality annotated data.

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Data Annotation Services for AI & Machine Learning
High-Quality Machine Learning Data Annotation Services

Video Transcription Languages We Support

Properly structured and accurately annotated data is at the core of what makes AI/ML models work. Our proprietary platform and curated crowd management workflows pair various tasks with the right workers, enabling delivery of high quality output consistently, and at a low cost.

Data can be annotated for a large number of use cases including sentiment, demographics, required responses, non-verbal speech, and any other customized meta-data.

The Power of High Quality Data Annotation

Real-Life Scenario Application

One day, Robert calls his doctor’s office to pay a bill. He was greeted by a chat bot over the phone asking what the office could help him with. Annoyed by the fact that he wasn’t speaking with a person, he said “I want to talk with a human!” in a frustrated tone.

The chat bot responded by saying “We know these are frustrating times but let’s try to be nice. How can I help direct your call?” Robert, who notably was upset and in a bad mood to start with, again angrily requested to speak to a human and started cursing at the chat bot. Rather than transferring him to a receptionist, the chat bot politely told him to call back when he was less frustrated – and hung up.

Quality Outputs for Every Use Case

How did the chat bot know that he was upset? How could it tell he needed to cool down? That’s where the power of Data Annotation comes in.

By annotating your data with sentiment, specific word usage, and questions vs answers, we can help your AI and chat bots detect when someone is upset, needs priority assistance, or ask certain questions in order to properly direct their call.

In turn, you’ll be able to save on valuable Human Resources – and provide more efficient, quick, and correct service to your customers and your staff. The use cases for this technology are endless!

Our Data Annotation Capabilities

Not sure which capabilities you need? We can help make that decision together. You can either submit your audio to be transcribed or send us your transcriptions directly for annotation.

Transcript specialization examples - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Sentiment Identification

Identify the emotional impact of a statement and overall feeling of the context; ie is this happy/funny/sad? - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Relationship Tagging

Identify how one word relates to the other words in a sentence for context. Essentially, this helps the computer identify the verb, noun, and adjective. - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Quantitative Research Coding

TranscribeMe can help with that daunting task of sorting through enormous amounts of data and annotating the data with numerical or tag codes.

Provide us with your codebook, and your data, and we will get that overwhelming task done for you! - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Data Validation

We can help review and audit client phone calls to ensure they meet all of the necessary call requirements, such as tagging identifications.

Example: After we annotate the data, it can then be fed directly into an AI system that can then recognize if each employee is meeting the call quality criteria that a call center may require.

Custom transcription project examples - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Semantic Annotation

Identify and annotate regional dialects and idiosyncrasies to help the computer understand how a term relates to others it knows – ie “you all” and “y’all.” - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Named Entity Recognition

This helps the computer apply an entity label to text, and identify a word that represents an entity it can classify – ie a Name, Address, or an Account Number. - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Bounding Box

Bounding boxes are boxes used to define the location of the target object, and help the computer understand what images contain which objects.

This is often used for creating visual captchas – ie ‘click three images in the captcha that contain a truck in it’. We will train the AI to know which images contain which objects. - The Gold Standard in transcription services
Data Labeling & Classification

Data labeling is the process of adding tags or labels to raw transcript data that specifies what the content is based on what the client is looking to classify.

For instance we can classify and label types of calls for a call center such as ‘Service Call’, ‘Problem with Service Call’, ‘Make a Payment Call’ etc and classify for a client. The classification and tagging options are endless.

Why Choose Our Data
Annotation Services?

Quality & Experience

Quality & Experience

Our team is here to help guide you through the data annotation process, ensuring you’re receiving the most useful meta data. We deliver consistent, high-quality output and help you achieve your project goals efficiently.

Specially Trained Teams

Specially Trained Teams

Our Data Annotation service provides a specialized team that is trained specifically in Data Annotation best practices. We also have the ability to build and scale our teams for larger custom projects, as needed.

Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Based on our market research, we’ve found our services to be much more competitive than other data annotation options on the market. Plus, each project receives a custom quote to ensure you’re getting what you need.

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Features of Our Medical Transcription Services

We understand what it takes to deliver the best quality AI/ML training data. Our full-service platform and professional team will manage the data creation process for you. Our data annotation features can be fully customized to suit your needs, and include:

API/SFTP Functionality

API/SFTP Functionality

Let us help you easily connect your data with our platform.



We provide CCPA, HIPAA and GDPR compliant workflows for any of your projects that require it.



Worker teams can be limited to certain areas or have specific certifications to meet most use cases.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Around the clock support with under 24 hour response time, and an Account Manager dedicated to your team.

Language Support

Language Support

Data annotations can be provided in 10+ languages and several accents. With ‘English,’ for instance, we can do ‘British English’ ‘Scottish English’, ‘Australian English’ and all variations of regional languages.

Platform Customization

Platform Customization

The TranscribeMe platform can be provided as an on-prem or custom cloud solution to meet your compliance needs.

Complex Projects

Get started with data annotations for your project!

Receive consistent high quality annotated data at a lower cost when you request a quote today.

Don't have your own audio?
We can create it.

Audio data recording can be customized to mimic different environments, including:

  • Data recorded from certain types of devices
  • Limitation of duration
  • Audio can be created in 8 or 16kHz telephony or VOIP technologies
  • We can use pre-written scripts or improvise off of a topic for a more organic conversation
  • Single speaker or multiple-speaker data can be created
Don't have your own audio?
We can create it.
Integrated Language Services

Integrated Language Services

Also need your data annotated in multiple languages? There are 2 major translation scenarios we can accommodate:

  • Have thousands of hours of transcripts in English but need them translated and annotated in a language other than English? We can handle that.
  • Have thousands of hours of audio in a language other than English? We can handle the transcription and annotation in that language and up to 10+ additional languages.

Need integrated language services for Data Annotation? Get a quote today!

Popular Industries We Serve - The Gold Standard in transcription services

AI and Machine Learning

The very best in human intelligence requires top quality training data for speech NLP and computer vision models.

Technology Transcription Data Annotation Services
Technology Industry


Affordable and secure transcription, translation, and data annotation for UX research, user interviews, conferences, and other industry needs.

Medical Data Annotation Services - The Gold Standard in transcription services


We have experienced, dedicated teams of workers who specialize in healthcare related content who provide accurate and confidential transcriptions for both our Medical and HIPAA-compliant services.

Educational Transcription & Data Annotation
Education Transcription Services


Fast, easy lecture and dissertation transcripts for students or faculty, compatible with NVivo and other research platforms.

Consulting Data Annotation Services - The Gold Standard in transcription services


Fast transcription and research data to meet due diligence and management consulting research needs.

Data Annotation for Market Research - The Gold Standard in transcription services

Market Research

Analyze interviews, focus groups, and data mine content to turn your qualitative audio content into quantitative text. - The Gold Standard in transcription services

Specialized Enterprise Transcription Services

Best for high-volume, recurring projects. With powerful speech technology and an encrypted, micro-tasked workflow, we offer complete confidentiality and security for every enterprise project.