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Fast, Accurate Transcription On-the-Go.

Your voice transformed into text, accessible anywhere you are.

Mobile Transcription App Features

  • Fast transcription app for students, researchers, professionals, legal groups, medical practitioners and more.
  • Best-in-class privacy with a secure, micro-tasked transcription workflow.
  • Easy in-app recording for high quality audio, and purchase in multiple currencies.
  • For iPhone users: Upload from apps like Dropbox and Voice Memos, and receive push notifications when transcripts are finished.

Available Services

  • First Draft: Our First Draft Transcripts pass audio through 1 step of transcription, providing easy-to-read raw text.
  • Standard: Our Standard Transcripts pass audio through 2 layers of transcription providing high quality and easy-to- read text.
  • Verbatim: Our Verbatim Transcripts pass audio through 2 layers of transcription, providing high quality text that captures all filler words, stuttering and speech errors.
  • For more information about our transcription app services, please visit our Customer Support FAQs