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Finals Week: Using Technology & Transcription to Study Smarter

By October 19, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Early morning cram sessions, group projects and all-nighters. Finals week and midterms are a stressful time that everyone can relate to in college (and even high school). Lucky for the average student today, technology exists to make life easier for your stressed brain.

You can take advantage of the tech you already have access to in order to help your brain absorb more information and retain facts easily. With just one simple, yet robust app for iPhone and Android, you can simplify your study process for those pesky finals.

Here’s how you can improve your study time using the TranscribeMe app:

1. Record yourself (over and over again).

It may sound too simple, but it’s true — capturing your voice explaining in your own words what the key elements are will dramatically improve your memory of that information.

A study and paper included in a 2010 of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition found that if people studied a list of items out loud, rather than in their head, the words spoken were much better remembered than the others. With the TranscribeMe app for iPhone and Android, it’s easy to record and convert speech-to-text anywhere, making it easy to capture your own voice reviewing every piece of material you need to cover.

2. Upload voice memos and recorded lectures to index the information.

If you’ve been recording any important classes on your smartphone already, congratulations – you’re ahead of the game! You can easily upload these memos directly into the TranscribeMe app, create complete transcripts, and quickly search for and index the most vital bits and pieces. This will make it extra simple to locate main ideas and key topics for study without missing a beat.

Students can use TranscribeMe to record lectures, group project meetings and more in order to help retain information in a tangible way, as well. By simply allowing yourself to participate and listen in a meaningful way, you will be able to absorb information even longer.

3. Make use of other powerful integrations.

The TranscribeMe app can connect with some other amazing tools to make your study time less hectic, too. For those researchers, the application is fully compatible with NVivo – the best research platform available today – so you can transcribe field research and interviews into the correct format and analyze your findings and data before exams.

Use Evernote? It’s easy to store your thoughts, notes and memos right here. TranscribeMe’s integration with the digital workspace allows you to order transcripts directly from the application, cutting down on time so you can have more to study with.

Ready to get studying? Click below to download the free app today! As always, we are here for any questions.

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