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Meet the TranscribeMe Community: Shelly

By October 14, 2016May 10th, 2023No Comments

We’re shining a light on some of the best, most active transcriptionists in the TranscribeMe community! Meet the amazing, hard-working, detail-oriented people from all around the world that make our transcription process the best in the business.

Meet Shelly from Indiana, United States…

When did you get into transcription?

I became interested in transcribing over two years ago. I saw a link for TranscribeMe on a blog about making extra income. It seemed easy enough and I’m very, very glad I was able to join the team.

What does your typical work environment look like?

I love the fact that I can be sitting on my couch, at my dining room table, or sitting by the pool making money!

What else do you like to do when you’re not transcribing?

My husband dirt track races, so that consumes most of my weekends during the summer. Other than that, I have a full time job at an automotive company and love taking vacations!

What’s your favorite tip to get the job done?

Focus 100% on the job you are doing. Take breaks if you need to. The worst is if you let your mind imagine what the speaker is saying, and you end up completely off subject.

What is your favorite part about being a part of TranscribeMe?

The ease of contacting management and how easy it is to work together if you have a problem. Also, the set schedule for getting paid is nice to know.

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