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Automated Speech Recognition & Voice Analytics for Call Centers

Best-in-class speech technology and analytics solutions to provide a more a in-depth view of your customer engagements.


Understand Your Customers with Speech Recognition Technology

Advanced & Accurate Technology

Our advanced speech recognition technology provides contact centers with incredibly high accuracy, automated voice to text transcriptions – providing deeper insights into your customers.

Client-Specific Customizations

Through client-specific customizations, we are able to achieve overall speech to text accuracy improvements by as much as 20%, when compared to the industry’s best, non-customized automated speech recognition services.

Our Speech Technology Solutions for Call Centers

Our Call Center Solutions can help you unlock valuable data about customers, your caller interactions, and how your agents are performing.


Detection of Call Topics with Advanced Keyword Spotting

Using our advanced, phonetics-based keyword spotting, contact centers can accurately identify and analyze words (and phrases) in real-time. With Hot Alerts features, management and other personnel can be automatically notified when critical keywords and phrases are said, ensuring fast resolution.

Common keyword spotting uses include: detecting conversation topics, mitigating and detecting fraud, monitoring and training agents, improving customer satisfaction and more.

Accurately Track and Monitor Agent Performance

It’s important to provide your call center’s sales and support agents with timely, ongoing feedback and training that can only happen through automated, in-depth call analytics.

While managers will traditionally only score and provide feedback to agents on a small percentage of calls, our advanced speech technology allows 100% of calls to be quickly and accurately analyzed, while identifying conversations which require more attention.


Groom and Data Mine Audio for Accurate Analytics

Poor quality audio can negatively impact the analytics that you receive. We offer the only solution that can effectively determine and segment the good audio from your contact center, ensuring that the highest quality data is analyzed.

Pre-defined voice data filters include: transcript accuracy, topics, caller demographics, conversation topic, sentiment and emotion.

Simple Caller Identification with Voice Biometrics

We offer robust voice biometrics solutions with a range of flexible authentication and fraud mitigation options, for both active and passive voice-print capture.

Our voice biometrics technology is well-suited for caller authentication, passive caller validation and other common fraud detection use cases, and is currently being used by secure financial institutions and government entities worldwide.


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