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5 Sure Shot Ways To Get Better At Podcasting In 2012

So you have started a new podcast, got your first few episodes out the door; you’re feeling great, confident, energetic and passionate about this new exciting hobby of yours. Broadcasting and spreading your thoughts and opinions has never been easier. With a simple step-by-step guide on how to get started with podcasting, anyone and everyone can become a superstar with podcasting. However, only a few show the determination, creativity, execution, and leadership to become an authority and a thought leader in their field of expertise. Here is the ultimate 5-step guide to, not only become a thought leader in your field of expertise, but more importantly, become a better podcaster.

TranscribeMe SoLoMo Conference Organizers

How Crowd-Sourcing Delivers On The Promise Of SoLoMo (Social, Local & Mobile)

TranscribeMe SoLoMo Conference Organizers

On Monday last week, TranscribeMe transcribed the Social Loco Conference 2012 that took place at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, California. Mark Evans, founder of Converge Labs, facilitated a conference that focused on the cutting edge of thinking around social media, location based services, and the future mobile marketplace. Geo-Loco, Social-Loco, and Mobile-Loco (SoLoMo) were all terms being thrown around by big brands such as The Home Depot, PepsiCo, Kraft, Nokia, Qualcomm Labs, Google, and Facebook.

Podcasting 101: How To Get Started with Podcasting

In this day and age, podcasting is increasingly becoming a regular means of communication. It can be an effective way for both businesses and individuals to convey their ideas to groups of people without being physically present. Lots of people may be interested in the idea of podcasting, but many may not know how to podcast or find the process overwhelming. Here are a few easy-to-follow basic steps to help you learn how to podcast if you’re just starting out.

How To Win At Startup Weekend

How To Win At Startup Weekend [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Win At Startup Weekend

A little over 9 months ago, a crazy event happened. Developers, designers and marketers along with a bunch of passionate mentors — who like to have fun and get technology to do crazy things — got together for the Auckland Startup Weekend. After 54 hours of hustling, out came TranscribeMe — winner of the Auckland Startup Weekend in September 2011. Since then, we have been on a roll. That’s a topic for another post. However, as the next Auckland Startup Weekend comes close, we thought of creating a truly fun, practical and full of golden nuggets 7 step guide to “How to Win At Startup Weekend”. Ok, enough said … Lets get into it.

TranscribeMe iPhone app

TranscribeMe iPhone app sneak peek

TranscribeMe iPhone app

Don’t you love exclusivity? I do.

Today, let me make you feel special and exclusive. TranscribeMe smartphone apps are nearing final stages of development. iPhone and Windows phone apps will be first ones to launch. Let me take you through a sneak peek of our very cool, simple and sexy iPhone app.

10 Hot Tips For How To Record Audio for High Quality Transcription

The quality of audio affects every aspect of the transcription service from the ability to upload to the work hub; to the length of time it takes to transcribe; and to the overall pleasure of the transcription service experience.