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TranscribeMe SoLoMo Conference Organizers

On Monday last week, TranscribeMe transcribed the Social Loco Conference 2012 that took place at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, California. Mark Evans, founder of Converge Labs, facilitated a conference that focused on the cutting edge of thinking around social media, location based services, and the future mobile marketplace. Geo-Loco, Social-Loco, and Mobile-Loco (SoLoMo) were all terms being thrown around by big brands such as The Home Depot, PepsiCo, Kraft, Nokia, Qualcomm Labs, Google, and Facebook.

The value of transcription for this conference came in a couple of ways:

1) Attendees: Don’t worry about scribbling down notes.

It enabled attendees to think, talk and listen without scribbling down notes. That’s nice. More importantly, it allowed the unique content created by panelists and keynote speakers to be searched and shared afterwards. No longer are thoughts wasted on a few – they’re accessible, quickly, for everyone.

2) Every Insight & Valuable Information Captured.

With nuggets of gold in the form of insights, quips and off-the-cuff comments, the full value of bringing thought leaders in the mobile, venture capital, geographic location based services and consumer goods space was fully realized.

What makes this possible? It’s possible because TranscribeMe is leveraging the power of the crowd. TranscribeMe believes audio and visual content is destined to be fully shareable. No need to abandon your audio recordings. Events, meetings, conversations and dreams will be accessible for learning and reference. In a market where making this possible used to be too expensive and time-consuming, crowdsourcing offers a chance to match the crowd’s “cognitive surplus” with the exponential increase in AV content being created.

How has your experience been attending conferences? Are you always busy writing notes or do you actually take part in the conference? Have you ever recorded the conference speeches? Are they useful?

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