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10 Hot Tips For How To Record Audio for High Quality Transcription

By June 2, 2012July 12th, 2023No Comments

The quality of audio affects every aspect of the transcription service from the ability to upload to the work hub; to the length of time it takes to transcribe; and to the overall pleasure of the transcription service experience.

Here are 10 Hot Tips for How To create great audio for super transcription:

  1. Keep background noise down. Microphones are excellent at picking up unwanted background noise.
  2. Make sure only one person speaks at a time and ensure speakers speak clearly and slowly.
  3. Place the microphone where it is likely to pick up all the people who will talk. Whether you use the recorder’s built-in microphone or an external mike, keep it as close to the speaker(s) as possible.
  4. When conducting a panel or round table discussion, it is helpful to identify who is speaking. Ask each participant to introduce himself, or herself, at the beginning – but also address people by name as you go along.
  5. Record in as quiet a place as possible. Choose your interview venue carefully.
  6. Serve all refreshments before or after your interview takes place and be mindful that shuffling papers or similar noises can drown out the speaker.
  7. Choose the right digital recorder; ensure that the device has features that meet all of your requirements.
  8. On digital recorders, make sure that voice activation is off. This will prevent words being clipped when there is a significant pause.
  9. For interview transcription and multiple speaker recordings, it is always better to use external microphones rather than built-in microphones.
  10. Record using the TranscribeMe smartphone app for best quality audio and direct transfer.

You can get more tips on this at how to record audio for transcription page on our website.

Do you have any tips on how to record good quality audio which you would like to share? Are there any specific digital recorders, apps or techniques which work well for you?

We would love to hear them. Let us know in the comments below.