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TranscribeMe iPhone app sneak peek

By June 5, 2012September 4th, 2021No Comments

Don’t you love exclusivity? I do.

Today, let me make you feel special and exclusive. TranscribeMe smartphone apps are nearing final stages of development. iPhone and Windows phone apps will be first ones to launch. Let me take you through a sneak peek of our very cool, simple and sexy iPhone app.

Home/Recording Screen

This is the screen where you would probably spend most of your time. Recording your interviews, speeches, focus groups, etc. With only 2 buttons – one to start and one to stop — it is exquisitely simple.  Is there something else that you would like to see on this screen?

Could this be any simpler. Simplicity is at the core of everything we do. The best products and services are those that do their job in the background and let you get on with life. This is exactly what we have tried to do with the recording screen.

TranscribeMe iPhone app


My Sessions Screen

On this screen, you would be able to view all your audio recorded using the app. Each individual recording is populated with the name, date, time and the length of the recording.

TranscribeMe iPhone app

To explain, what the other two orange icons mean, let me give a brief explanation on how the app works.  Once you have recorded the audio and named it appropriately, you have three options —

1) Status Quo: Leave the audio as it is and you can listen to it from your phone at your leisure.

2) Upload it: Uploading means that the audio will be uploaded to our servers on the cloud that will allow you to access your recording anywhere, anytime. You would be able to access your uploaded recordings on the smartphone and the website at TranscribeMe.

3) Transcribe it: Once you have uploaded the audio, you will be given an option to have it transcribed — right from your smartphone! Yes, that’s the beauty of TranscribeMe. Order transcriptions on the go, right from your mobile no matter where you are. Of course, you need to be connected to either a Wi-Fi or a 3G network.

Now that you have an understanding of how simple it is to order transcripts from the app, lets get back to those icons on the individual screen.

Upload icon: The icon with the arrow facing up is the upload icon. When you see it against a particular recording, it indicates that particular recording has been uploaded to our servers.

Transcribe icon: The other icon — which looks like a mini QR code — indicates that a transcript has been ordered for that particular recording.

As you can see in the screenshot below, “Test 5”, “Test 3”, and “Test2” have been uploaded and submitted for transcription. However, “Test 1” has neither been uploaded nor submitted for transcription as you can’t see any icons next to it.

Individual Recording Screen

This is where all the magic occurs. On this screen, you would be able to playback the audio that you have recorded, upload it to the cloud (as discussed earlier) and submit the audio for transcription with 1-click.

As you would notice, the “Upload” and the “TranscribeMe” buttons are greyed out i.e. you cannot click them. This is because this particular audio — “Test 5” — has already been uploaded and submitted for transcription as indicated by the two icons on the top right. This is really for your benefit, as we don’t want you to upload and submit the same audio for transcription twice!

That’s it. It’s as easy as 2 clicks on your smartphone to record and submit audio for transcription — Anywhere, Anytime — using the TranscribeMe iPhone app.

There are still things to be done before it is ready for public use. However, we are very close. So watch this space!

Do you have any feedback about how we can improve further? What other functionality would you like to have? What are your thoughts about the user interface?

We’d love to hear your opinion. Tell us in the comments box below. We promise to respond to every comment.