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5 Sure Shot Ways To Get Better At Podcasting In 2012

By June 28, 2012September 7th, 2021No Comments

So you have started a new podcast, got your first few episodes out the door; you’re feeling great, confident, energetic and passionate about this new exciting hobby of yours. Broadcasting and spreading your thoughts and opinions has never been easier. With a simple step-by-step guide on how to get started with podcasting, anyone and everyone can become a superstar with podcasting. However, only a few show the determination, creativity, execution, and leadership to become an authority and a thought leader in their field of expertise. Here is the ultimate 5-step guide to, not only become a thought leader in your field of expertise, but more importantly, become a better podcaster:

  1. Have and Follow a Consistent Schedule (It’s OK to go slow!)

Slow and steady wins the race. It’s an old saying but perfectly placed and applicable in the initial days of your podcasting career. As human beings, we take time to learn things. If it’s something we have never done before, it’s hard. It takes determination, strength and passion to learn new skill sets. Hence, start slow. Have a schedule that you can easily stick with. For instance, start with 1 podcast episode per month. Not only does this give you ample time to prepare yourself to become a better podcaster, but it also allows you to develop a content/podcasting topic schedule over a period of 6 – 12 months. When you are starting out, there are many things to take care of including podcasting production (tools, equipment, software), content strategy, setup (location, venue, scheduling), guests, etc. A light schedule allows you get in the groove of becoming a great podcaster going forward. The key is to be consistent.

  1. Have a Script

Once you get in the “zone”, it’s not only fun, but also a really powerful marketing channel. However, don’t get overconfident. You can get out of the zone fairly quickly without even noticing, as you are probably thinking you are doing a great job. However, your listeners can pick up your over-confidence more quickly than you can imagine. To avoid it, write up and follow a script. This is critical to keep you on track and to avoid straying too much off the topic. Also, have a consistent intro and ending to the podcast by mentioning important parts like sponsors, asking listeners to subscribe on iTunes, etc.

  1. Be Curious

As a society, we are doubling — not only the amount of content, information and data we are producing every two years, but also the speed at which we are create that content. A recent infographic shows that we create 48 hours of YouTube video, 347 new blog posts and download 47,000 apps — per minute. Read that again —  48 hours of YouTube video, 347 new blog posts, download 47,000 apps — per minute! If you are not blown away by that — take a coffee break. The point is, there is so much information being generated right now, we need to be curious 24/7/365 to stay on top of the new happenings. And to be a thought leader, you don’t just need to stay on top; you need to be ahead of the pack. Remember –you are a thought leader — not a follower. So, be curious. Always. Never think you know too much. The minute that comes to your mind, you become a follower.

  1. Build a Guest List & Invite Them

Invite guests to your awesome podcast show. There are many reasons why this is one of the most powerful ways to become a thought leader in your field of expertise, like:

> As a leading authority in their field, guests share expertise, knowledge and skills with your audience.

> This is exciting, engaging and powerful content for your audience, who will love you even more.

> Guests share your podcast with their followers on twitter and their email, with the potential of getting you hundreds of new subscribers.

So, sit down for a day or two, have a social media mining or a web research day. Go through Twitter, LinkedIn forums and groups, Quora and find those entrepreneurial thought leaders in your field. Connect with them via email or message them on Twitter. If they are in a different city or country, no issues. Skype the interview with two video calls. Nothing is stopping you. It’s only you that can make you move forward.

  1. Get a co-podcaster

You might be the funniest person on the planet, but everyone likes change, variety and a new voice! Yes, a podcast with 2-3 people is 10x more engaging than a 1 person podcast. Conversations and discussions are inherently more engaging, interactive and fun both for podcasters and listeners. It encourages collaboration, brainstorming, and diversified viewpoints, that represent listeners’ thoughts, on the show.

What are you waiting for? Apply these 5 time tested techniques and double your subscriber base before the end of 2012!

Are you a regular podcaster? What strategies do you use to increase your subscriber base? What results have you gotten from those? Are there any hot tips that you can share with us? Tell us in the comments below or share this post on Twitter and Facebook.

Written By Chirag Ahuja