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5 Ways Secure Legal Transcription Can Help Your Firm

Many law offices and legal departments in companies around the world are catching on to an incredible time and money-saving solution: dedicated, outsourced legal transcription services. While it may seem like the most obvious solution to hire a single transcriptionist to get the job done, tapping into a full team of experts with a proven, secure transcription process can save…

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Interview Transcripts: The Best Way to Transcribe Full Interviews

An interview can be a reliable source for fresh or hard-to-find information. However, referencing that information while it’s still a recorded audio file can be difficult to work with; no interviewer or researcher has the time to listen to full interview recordings. To get the absolute most from your captured information, interview transcription is the perfect solution. Transcribing your interviews…

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5 Ways Audio to Text Transcription Can Boost Businesses

Finishing up goals at the are something that everyone can benefit from — personally and professionally. As companies large and small ramp up efforts at the end another year of business, these goals and resolutions become the most useful and even help to shape key performance indicators (KPIs) for the upcoming quarters. Audio to text services are one piece of…

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Getting Ahead With Interview Transcription Services

Journalists, writers, researchers, managers and other staff that need to capture interviews are frequently on the lookout for an automated transcription solution. After all, it can take hours to accurately transcribe the words from an interview, even a brief one. TranscribeMe’s fast, accurate speech to text technology is ideal for interview transcription services. By recording interviews and then transcribing them…

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Meet the TranscribeMe Community: Sarah

We’re shining a light on some of the best, most active transcriptionists in the TranscribeMe community! Meet the amazing, hard-working, detail-oriented people from all around the world that make our transcription process the best in the business.    Meet Sarah from North Carolina, United States…   When did you get into transcription? I had been looking into possible legitimate work…

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