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5 Ways Audio to Text Transcription Can Boost Businesses

By November 2, 2017September 1st, 20223 Comments

Finishing up goals at the are something that everyone can benefit from — personally and professionally. As companies large and small ramp up efforts at the end another year of business, these goals and resolutions become the most useful and even help to shape key performance indicators (KPIs) for the upcoming quarters.

Audio to text services are one piece of the productivity puzzle that many companies are adopting as a way to streamline administrative tasks, stay on track with goals and projects, and save valuable time. With accurate, high quality of transcripts of everyday business processes, it’s the simplest solution for keeping things searchable, easy-to-index, and even easier to recall at any time. With audio to text for businesses, there are dozens of beneficial ways to save time and money in the long-term…

1. Transcribe Interviews & Meetings

Meetings and interviews are inevitable, and often necessary, for businesses to truly thrive and experience continuous growth (both strategically and structurally). However, documenting those key moments can be a difficult, tedious task for most to undertake — it can take hours to transcribe an interview by hand. By recording interviews and meetings to then convert the audio to text, you’ll allow your interaction to flow more naturally, save expended energy, and be able to quickly and easily reference the captured content.

2. Capture Events & Conferences

Depending on the industry you operate in, conferences and in-person events are a huge part of networking – and ultimately, growing sustainably. Additionally, these events are the perfect way to not only learn more about the specifics of your business and potential customers but also to connect with like-minded individuals. By recording multi-speaker conferences, and transforming the audio to text, you’ll be able to focus on the key discussions at hand, rather than worrying about capturing every detail by hand.

3. Add Closed Captions to Videos

Video content is reigning supreme in the marketing world and has become a necessary medium for sharing information, connecting with consumers, and building a valuable brand. Adding video transcripts to your YouTube or Vimeo content online is the best way to improve SEO and get more traffic to your website – search engines can easily index and rank your videos through the audio to text transcripts, opening your company’s content to a wider audience.

4. Record Ideas & To-Dos

All great projects start with a great idea, and a set of to-dos to accomplish that idea. With the help of a transcription app, you can easily record your best thoughts, ideas and impromptu brainstorming sessions without the hassle of writing out every important piece. Once captured, converting the audio to text allows you to reap the benefits of a perfectly-recalled idea without having to suffer through the endless typing.

5. Build Out Customized Corpus

Not every business utilizes custom, company-specific documentation, but many have realized the usefulness of building a structured set of text our for very specific analyses and tests. Our experts are skilled in turning large quantities of audio or video files into specific corpora, used by data scientists, engineers, and others to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and speech recognition (ASR) platforms, among other uses. These audio to text transcription services are currently available in all English accents, Spanish (European & Latin American), Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, French and Italian.

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