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Getting Ahead With Interview Transcription Services

By November 15, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Journalists, writers, researchers, managers and other staff that need to capture interviews are frequently on the lookout for an automated transcription solution. After all, it can take hours to accurately transcribe the words from an interview, even a brief one.

TranscribeMe’s fast, accurate speech to text technology is ideal for interview transcription services. By recording interviews and then transcribing them from the audio files, you’ll allow your conversation to flow in a natural way, save valuable energy, and be able to reference the materials more easily without worrying about writing down every last detail yourself.

Here are just a few reasons why you should be using interview transcription:

1. Save time and keep your focus in the moment.

Perhaps the biggest draw to recording and transcribing interviews is the sheer amount of time and expended energy saved by not doing it yourself. The time required to transcribe interviews by hand can stall important research, and the price of a good freelance transcriber can often be costly. By allowing yourself to simply turn on the microphone and press “Record” rather than writing everything down, you’ll be able to capture all the information while staying in the moment with your interviewee.

2. Create searchable and indexable text to reference.

What good is written content if you can’t access it easily or find a specific moment? Transcribing audio into accurate, digital text is the perfect way to make information recall efficient and helpful. By archiving these interview transcriptions, you will be able to effectively search for tags or phrases to find the information you’re looking for, or immediately jump to the part of the audio clip if necessary just by looking at the timestamps.

3. Use a dictation app to stay at the ready, wherever you are.

Interviews don’t just happen in an office with your computer at an arm’s length away. The TranscribeMe transcription app allows you to record audio files and convert them into fully accurate transcripts right from your fingertips, anywhere. The app is easy to use and accessible wherever you are, so you can you capture entire interviews, including your ideas and personal side notes, without skipping a beat.

4. Adjust verbatim, formatting and editing for any stylistic needs.

The finishing touch to any great transcript is making sure that the style is exactly what it should be, and that it reads the way that you need it to. TranscribeMe offers a wide variety of formatting, editing and verbatim styles to ensure you get exactly what you want. Care to remove the “umms” and “ahhs”? Need to identify each individual speaker? Interested in something even more customized? TranscribeMe can handle any specific need with ease.

With fast delivery when you need it, cost-effective prices for any budget and superior quality, TranscribeMe’s advanced technology and voice-to-text application makes it simple to record and transcribe interviews.

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