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Work Smarter with Transcription Services for Research

By September 15, 2016September 4th, 20212 Comments

One thing that all researchers agree on and understand is that inputting bad data leads to bad results. Accurate transcribing services for research can have a huge impact on the time, energy and other resources spent on projects, enabling researchers to conclude with high quality results.

Dedicated transcription services for research are the ideal way to transform recorded audio content into highly accurate, easily searchable, ready-to-analyze text. Expert transcription can yield amazing and powerful results for analysis, while always complying with industry standards.

Always Accurate & Confidential

No research can really be complete without thorough, reliable, accurate data. Our transcription service takes advantage of a unique, multi-step review process of your transcribed research content to ensure you receive the absolute highest level of accuracy and quality.

Another result of this proprietary workflow is that each transcriptionist has access to only a small piece of your entire recorded content, hosted in a confidential environment with powerful data encryption that keeps your research safe and secure. Our transcribing service is HIPAA-compliant, and built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud to securely store information.

Available Anywhere In the Field

Being prepared for key interviews at a moment’s notice can often be critical for certain kinds of research. Having a convenient, easy-to-use recording device allows researchers to be truly mobile.

With our powerful mobile transcription app on hand, researchers can accurately record and transcribe notes, ideas and interviews anywhere in the field. After uploading your recorded audio content via mobile or through our online portal, our platform utilizes speech technology and the help of expert human transcriptionists to provide you with the most accurate transcripts.

100% Nvivo-Compatibile

Our transcription service is fully compatible with the NVivo platform, so you can transcribe your field research and interviews into the proper format, as well as analyze findings and data quickly.

NVivo is built to run automated analytics and statistical models in SPSS, so researchers in any industry can analyze specific keywords. You can order transcripts directly through NVivo with our integration, or upload finished transcripts from your account online to start your research analysis as soon as possible.

Low-Cost, Recurring Transcription

Research projects can consume a lot of time and money, especially where more traditional transcriptions come into play. Luckily for those who need research transcription services without all of the standard bells and whistles, we offer an affordable transcription solution.

Our First Draft transcription services provide you with the most flexible, budget-friendly transcriptions anywhere. Starting at only $0.79/minute, it’s the best way to transcribe audio into text, quickly and affordably.


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