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How to Submit Audio and Video Files for Transcription

By October 29, 2015October 4th, 2022No Comments

business people group in a meeting at officeOur technology and expert transcribers all around the world work hard every day to deliver our promise of excellence. Beyond our technological and human power, what makes our transcripts the best in the business is the simple, yet robust, platform on which we’re built.

Allowing easy access to audio/video-to-text conversion is a key cornerstone to our service, and we’ve provided several convenient ways to submit a file to be transcribed, for both audio and video.

There are a few simple ways to submit media files for fast transcription:

  • Customer Portal

After registering for TranscribeMe, logging on to our online Customer Portal
will allow you to submit pre-recorded media files in all major formats, and transcribe them in the timeframe and format of your preference. You can also import an audio file from YouTube, Dropbox and more, making it the easiest
way to convert any audio you need.

To submit a media file from the Customer Portal:

1. Login to your account. You’ll see the main homepage that allows you to upload audio/video content. You can also organize your content into folders, and download completed transcripts in a range of formats.

2. Upload your file by clicking the “Select files from my computer” button and choosing the file you wish to submit; you’ll see a real-time upload status to see where your file is in the process.

3. Once the file is uploaded, order your transcript by clicking “Transcribe.” This will take you to the Order Details page, showing you the total price and details that can be edited.

4. After verifying payment and other details, and confirming your order, you’ll receive your finished transcripts within the time specified.

  • Mobile App

The TranscribeMe app – available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone – that allows you to record content in-app and submit for transcription on the go. You’ll also find a handy option to import your recording from Voice Memos and Dropbox for your convenience.

  • Third-Party App Integrations

We’ve integrated with NVivo and Evernote to streamline the process for students, professors, researchers and analysts. You can access these options directly through the apps respectively after uploading a file.

Here’s more information on how to order transcripts through NVivo.

Here’s more information on ordering through Evernote.