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We are thrilled to announce our official

TranscribeMe & Stenograph Partnership

This partnership was created to offer more streamlined and effective transcription solution to the Legal and Court Reporting industry, one that provides transcription capacity at scale.

TranscribeMe & Stenograph Partnership

Partnership Benefits

This partnership will benefit the entire legal industry, particularly when it comes to solving the resource gap with transcription capacity. This partnership will:

Create a more efficient and streamlined process

Create a more efficient and streamlined process

Provide a resource to deliver higher volumes

Provide resources to scale to any volume

Maintain the highest-quality transcripts

Deliver consistent, high quality transcripts

Allow for quicker turnarounds

Allow for quicker turnarounds

We’ll be providing two key services:

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MAXScribe Compatible Transcripts

As Stenograph’s official transcription partner, we will provide a resource for MAXScribe users to receive the highest quality edited transcripts at scale and delivered in a MAXScribe compatible format. This is due to combining Stenograph’s proprietary speech recognition technology, Phoenix, with TranscribeMe’s expert freelance workforce.

With this resource, MAXScribe users will be able to produce a higher volume of final transcripts quicker and with minimal effort.

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Step 2

Formatted Legal Transcripts

For anyone that is looking for completed legal transcripts, we can deliver legal formatted transcripts based on any jurisdictional requirements. These transcripts can include title pages, exhibits, signature pages, etc.

These transcripts can be delivered in the following formats:

  • ASCII transcripts
  • PDF with final formatting
  • Word or RTF compatible documents

Integrating the power of TranscribeMe’s highly accurate human-powered transcription capabilities with the Phoenix Speech Recognition technology allows us to provide court reporters, law firms, and other legal professionals with a resource to deliver higher volumes, while maintaining high quality transcripts, and quick turnarounds.

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formatted legal transcripts

Accurate and Secure Transcription Services for Your Business Needs

Accurate and Affordable Transcriptions

At TranscribeMe, we take pride in delivering the most accurate transcriptions at competitive rates through our innovative combination of the latest in AI paired with our trained and experienced transcriptionist network.

Customization Solutions

By delivering the Gold Standard in transcription, TranscribeMe is the best partner to meet your industry needs. Our services can be tailored to meet any unique formatting or project requirements you may have.

About Stenograph

Stenograph has been the leading supplier of productivity tools for the court reporting profession for more than 80 years. During that time, they have built an outstanding reputation on innovation, quality, and service.

As the industry leader, Stenograph prides itself on delivering the best writers and software for every customer, including professional court reporters, CART reporters, Case CATalyst users, scopists, and students.

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TranscribeMe and MAXScribe FAQs

If we provide you with a MAXScribe format layout, can you provide us with formatted transcripts in return?

Yes. We can utilize your pre-prepared MAXScribe layout, or we can format your transcript according to your specifications on line numbers, margins, spacing, and more.

What file formats are you able to output?

RTF, ASCII, PDF, TXT, MAXScribe Compatible transcript.

What is MAXScribe, and how can TranscribeMe help me in transcribing my legal files?

MAXScribe is software that is specially designed for digital court reporting and legal transcription, combining multi-channel or single-channel audio with intuitive tools specialized for efficient editing and transcript creation. TranscribeMe can help you by delivering 99%+ accurate transcripts of your legal content.

What types of legal proceedings can you transcribe?

We process all types of legal proceedings: depositions, hearings, trials, police investigations, city council meetings, bodycam recordings, public hearings, and much more.

What if I have a lot of gaps in my audio due to silences, etc.

We do appreciate it if you edit your provided media files to contain only what you require to be transcribed, cutting out any long stretches of silence or noise. You can find a walkthrough on how to edit your audio files here.

Do your transcripts contain the appropriate legal formatting?

Yes. With the help of MAXScribe, our legal transcriptionists utilize Q&A or colloquy style according to the type of proceeding, and they insert the proper examination headings, bylines, parentheticals, speaker IDs, etc.

What do I have to do to order files through TranscribeMe to obtain a MAXScribe output?

Please contact our Sales team to arrange for ordering MAXScribe compatible transcripts.

How do you ensure the accuracy of my transcripts?

Even with advancements in speech recognition software, human transcriptionists still provide the most accurate transcription services possible; and our team is composed of some of the most highly skilled transcriptionists in the industry. We monitor the Word Error Rate (WER), which is what our accuracy guarantee is based on. Out of the total number of words, less than 1% of all audible words will be inaccurate.

What are your turnaround times for MAXScribe compatible transcripts?

Most transcripts can be returned to you within 2 to 3 business days, depending on the formatting required and the quality of the audio. For more accurate estimates of turnaround times, please contact our Sales team and discuss your requirements with the team.

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