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TranscribeMe + Mindswarms – A better way to monetize qualitative audio data

By July 22, 2013September 4th, 2021No Comments

We’re thrilled to announce that TranscribeMe has partnered with Bay Area company Mindswarms, a mobile qualitative market research firm, to enable its community to analyze consumer data more efficiently by searching through consumer video insights on their platform by keyword – with speed and accuracy.

Our hybrid platform combines the best of speech processing and skilled crowd-sourced labor to deliver a service that makes video, conference call, interview and discussion content searchable and shareable.

Mindswarms strives to provide market research quickly, so TranscribeMe’s speed and accuracy in transcription was the perfect tool to meet their needs. Through this partnership, we can jointly provide researchers with the most accurate consumer analysis possible, as quickly as possible and we’re excited to be partnering with MindSwarms to enable their community of Fortune 500 companies to capture the full value of their video content.

TranscribeMe and Mindswarms partnership

According to Mindswarms’ VP Sales and Marketing, Kalara Schuster, “We are constantly in search of ways to enhance the experience for researchers on our platform – TranscribeMe is one of those great tools. Our clients use the MindSwarms platform to collect video-based mobile consumer insights quickly, so the partnership with TranscribeMe means we can integrate transcription seamlessly and automatically into our online video matrix, adding a written element to the rich video content.”

TranscribeMe’s versatile API has enabled integrations with other leading Bay Area and New Zealand companies, including Evernote, LiveScribe, and Vadacom. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact us or check out our API integrations for bulk transcriptions.

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