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The TranscribeMe Crowd: More than just transcribers

By July 30, 2013September 7th, 2021No Comments

One of the most unique things about TranscribeMe is our hybrid approach to transcription. Using both technology and human transcribers, we are able to develop transcripts with 98% accuracy, a fast turnaround, and competitive rates for our customers.

However, our crowd-sourced transcriptions are different from other traditionally crowd sourced labor because our platform consists of skilled professionals that go through rigorous testing procedures to join our team. With nearly 8,000 transcribers from all over the world, including the U.S., Philippines, New Zealand, Kenya, Canada, Argentina, and Ecuador, our platform is diverse enough to fit enterprise or small business needs for crowd-sourced and scalable work.

Our transcribers speak a wide variety of languages including different English dialects, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Tagalog, German and French. Because of this, we can quickly and effectively crowd-source offerings such as translation and voice-overs for enterprise clients that require unique language and writing skills, and rapid scalability.

Among our experienced crowd-members, we are proud to have a wide range of careers represented. They consist of current and former teachers, journalists, marketing and PR executives, editors, writers, language teachers, professional speakers, IT techs, stay at home parents, and many other remote workers. These various careers make it possible for us to quickly and easily segment our workers to perform different types of transcription and/ or other tasks in general.

We are continually growing, which allows us to look at our crowd as a platform with which to expand our services.

This approach to crowd sourcing provides training and experience for our crowd members and especially those people who may not have access to these types of work opportunities otherwise. Moreover, our clients benefit by the increased access to quick and scalable labor for different types of projects at lower costs.

If you’re interested in gaining access to our crowd-sourced labor for enterprise projects, please get in touch with our sales team or leave us a comment below.