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More Corporations Rely on Crowd-Sourced Transcription

By July 8, 2013September 7th, 2021No Comments

Why is TranscribeMe such a great service for general consumers and corporations alike?

It seems that the answer lies in our ability to scale due to our crowd-sourced transcription.

One specific client, who came to us recently had hundreds of audio hours to transcribe and could not find the right organization to do it for them because it seemed there was nobody out there who could transcribe the massive volume of audio they had.

They tried individual transcribers, but they could not handle more than 200 hours of audio per week. Defeated, they scoured the web for a combination of rapid scaleability, with a plan, as well as a good price for the projects.

They picked us because we not only met the price and scaleability requirements, but also ensured the highest accuracy and quality of transcripts, and we differentiated ourselves because they loved our communication and customer service.

According to them, we were fast and had a mechanism for quality control at competitive pricing with crystal clear transparency about our process and how we would execute the project.

As you can see, crowd-sourced transcription like the one we employ here at TranscribeMe is a wonderful mechanism for growing our production capacity quickly and efficiently. Our hybrid model for transcription also ensures that we can do this without sacrificing on the quality of your transcripts or raising prices for you. We pride ourselves on our 98%+ accuracy transcripts and rapid turnaround time, no matter the volume.

Get started by signing up on our TranscribeMe Customer Portal or downloading our mobile transcription app today or contact us to ask about larger volume projects.