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How to Transcribe Multiple Audio Files at One Time

By March 8, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments


Typing on the computer — or other connected devices — still dominates the changing world of communication; it’s easily learned and accessible almost anywhere, but not always the most efficient way to get things done.

TranscribeMe makes managing larger transcription projects quick and simple for enterprise companies, business professionals, researchers, students and other individuals who may need quite a few pieces of media transcribed accurately at one time.

To upload and transcribe multiple audio files at the same time:

1. Sign in (or register) from the Customer Portal, and click to “Select Files.”

2. Select the first file that you would like transcribed. Then, while holding the “Shift” key, click the last file in the folder that you would like to submit.

Note: You can also hold down the “Command” key to select a few files that may not be organized right next to one another.

3. An upload window will appear for each file. Here you can adjust file names  and other details.

4. When your files have finished uploading to the Portal, they will appear in your personal list of recordings. Select the checkboxes next to ALL of the files you want to submit. Then, click the “Transcribe” button that appears above your recordings.

6. Once uploaded, you’ll be automatically taken to the Order Details page where you can finish the full process!


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Need transcripts in bulk? For orders that contain large volumes of audio files, our team will help you integrate with our FTP site or via API for convenient delivery. Contact us for more information!