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Getting it Right: The Art of Verbatim Transcription

By February 24, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Precision plays a large role in the production of expectation-exceeding transcripts; the ability of a transcriptionist to catch, and accurately record, every single word and sound exactly as they are heard in a recording paramount to this success.

The most skilled transcriptionists are able to provide a full and complete written account of the events as they occurred explicitly, including “umm”, “ahh,” and types of nonverbal communication. The result of this is total accuracy – every point of the transcribed text corresponding with its video or audio counterpart. It truly is an art form.

Our community of trained, specialized transcriptionists all around the world are incredibly well-versed in the types of verbatim, and will cater your transcripts according to the style of your choosing:

Clean Verbatim

Clean verbatim effectively removes all of the so-called ‘extras’ that you may hear in an audio or video recording – “umms,” “likes,” “you knows” and other filler words, as well as stuttering. This type of verbatim is ideal for business and marketing transcription purposes such as focus groups, conferences and meetings, and more.

Edited Verbatim

Edited verbatim goes beyond the clean verbatim style of transcripts to actually improve grammar and tenses. This polishing ensures that the final received transcript is as accurate as it is readable. Edited verbatim transcripts are what we like to call “publish-ready,” and are great for academic transcriptions and medical needs where high accuracy, quick delivery and digestibility are key.

Full Verbatim

Full verbatim transcripts are as word-for-word as you can get, capturing speech in exactly the way that it sounds. This includes every filler word, stutter, gestation and external noise that may surface in your audio or video recording. This style of verbatim works perfectly for many legal transcription needs, where the documentation of testimony or other interviews requires an intense level of detail to capture verbal cues or hesitations.

Capturing the meaning of your content with perfect veracity is an art; one that demands the talents of a skilled transcriptionist. Whether your needs require full, edited or clean verbatim, our experts will get the job done right.


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