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Big News – We’re Partnering Up with BNSF Railway

By November 11, 2015July 13th, 2023No Comments

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TranscribeMe is proud to announce a partnership with BNSF Logistics, LLC, a leading transport provider specializing in global freight and cargo movement. The company operates over 40 offices throughout North America, with 32,500 miles of railway across the country and over 120 FCPA certified Global Service Providers (GSPs) for import and export of general and project cargoes throughout the world.

A partnership with TranscribeMe simplifies this process for BNSF’s Operations, as representatives all over the country have access to fast, accurate, affordable transcriptions.

Our unique hybrid model combines best-in-class speech processing with trained crowd-sourced human transcribers to deliver a service that makes recorded audio content searchable and shareable. With our award-winning service and many audio/video collection options, BNSF representatives will be able to respond to and record any situation quickly, leading to accurate and valuable information to help their business thrive.

To learn more about how TranscribeMe can help streamline your company, visit our website for a free quote!