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TranscribeMe Story @ DEMO Asia 2012

We love stories. We know you do too. They are just too good to resist, if curated like a craftsman. They are powerful by itself, but when combined with the power of images, videos and tweets, you have something special. Well, we have something special for you.

Transcription from Anywhere

I am not a transcriber but like many transcribers, I am a freelancer. As such, I am part of a global movement toward working on my own terms. The lure of transcription work and freelance work in general, is the ability to juggle time and priorities in a way that works for the individual – for me and for my family. This is a charm almost all the time, until school holidays roll around.

As a freelancer, the school holidays pose a special problem for me. How do I give the kids the care and attention they need even while I am doing my job?

What Transcription Means for the Business Professional

How does the TranscribeMe transcription serve to help the business professional save time and make money? It’s the question we all want to know about any service we employ, and transcription services are no different.

What TranscribeMe transcription means for you in your business is this; you can record dictation in your car, on the bus or in a queue, and that dictation is flawlessly turned to words. Word-for-word transcription delivered to your email box by the time you get home, or back to the office. Wasted down time is converted to productive time in which you complete tasks, write books, file reports, organize meetings or compose sales records.

Podcast Transcription

Since podcasting was launched back in 2004, usage and awareness has been gaining rapid momentum. Projections are showing that in 2013 nearly 40 million people will be downloading podcast material on a weekly basis. Because of the incredible amount of information we feed our mind just to keep up with the newest trend, sometimes allocating time to listen to a podcast you downloaded last month is too difficult. In this day and age, everyone dreams of the new innovative way to increase business and at the same time save the most valuable asset we own “time”.

Because advertising, also known as “podvertising,” has been a major source of revenue for the podcast industry to stay in business, publishers understand that without the ad support, building a strong fan base will take time. Publishers have to realize that their customers are also on a mission to find a podcast that will fulfill their needs while sacrificing the least time possible. You might say grouping podcasts into their desired topics will help tailor a customer’s interest.

Why talking is better than typing

Repetitive stress injury or RSI is the term used to describe pain suffered from undertaking a repetitive physical task on a daily basis – like typing. The hands become increasingly painful over time as the fingers and thumbs repeatedly strike keys. The mouth on the other hand seems to be free from affliction no matter how much talking a person does. At least I have never heard of RSI of the mouth although I have heard people speak so much that you would think that the jaw would demand respite through either pain or fatigue.

Seriously, RSI is an excruciating experience. Another afflicted writer describes his RSI experience in the guardian like this,

“My neck is crooked, one of my wrists feels like it has been trapped in a car door and there’s a rapidly calcifying knot of nastiness lurking around my right shoulder blade that caused a masseuse to laugh with sadistic delight, and which goes by the name of The Nub. This is the price one pays for hammering a keyboard like Jerry Lee Lewis all day, every day for 15 years.” Ben Myers’ words will resonate with many writers.

TranscribeMe: A Sister is Born

It was Startup Weekend Auckland, September 2011, when a group of individuals met around a concept. One team took the top prize and left the weekend walking on air and ready to race forward. They are the founders of crowd sourcing, transcription company, TranscribeMe. John Graves was part of this team that converts voice to text but he also has his own vision and so treads a different post Startup Weekend path.

Fast forward six months and the voice to text team are still together, grown and concept validated. TranscribeMe has been developed to Beta stage and is receiving international acclaim. John Graves has followed his own path to complete that service circle (voice-to-text/text-to-voice) as the founder and inventor of SlideSpeech. SlideSpeech converts text to voice. Two outstanding concepts born from one amazing weekend – related in many ways and yet different. This is what innovation is all about.