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What Transcription Means for the Business Professional

By April 15, 2012August 30th, 2022No Comments

How does the TranscribeMe transcription serve to help the business professional save time and make money? It’s the question we all want to know about any service we employ, and transcription services are no different.

What TranscribeMe transcription means for you in your business is this; you can record dictation in your car, on the bus or in a queue, and that dictation is flawlessly turned to words. Word-for-word transcription delivered to your email box by the time you get home, or back to the office. Wasted down time is converted to productive time in which you complete tasks, write books, file reports, organize meetings or compose sales records.

Many TranscribeMe clients typed their own transcription in the past from the audio files they created themselves. They would record a meeting or an interview and type it up back at the office or at home. They had no choice because before now, transcription was expensive, and 9 times out of 10, it was terribly inaccurate. These professionals spent 3-5 hours transcribing an hour of audio. Thanks to smartphone and TranscribeMe technologies, transcription does not have to be that way anymore.

TranscribeMe works because the company uses a hybrid of technology and real, crowd sourced humans to create transcription from audio. This enables TranscribeMe to use real humans at a low cost to the customer and a decent rate for the transcribers. This is also why TranscribeMe can deliver transcription really fast. In the same, or less, time it takes to transcribe your own audio, transcription service is delivered as complete, accurate, word-for-word text to your email box. You take it from there, search, edit and use as needed. For TranscribeMe customers this is a definite edge enabling business professionals to work ahead of the competition, share with colleagues and perhaps most importantly, monetize otherwise wasted time.