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Podcast Transcription

By April 10, 2012September 4th, 2021No Comments

Since podcasting was launched back in 2004, usage and awareness has been gaining rapid momentum. Projections are showing that in 2013 nearly 40 million people will be downloading podcast material on a weekly basis. Because of the incredible amount of information we feed our mind just to keep up with the newest trend, sometimes allocating time to listen to a podcast you downloaded last month is too difficult. In this day and age, everyone dreams of the new innovative way to increase business and at the same time save the most valuable asset we own “time”.

Because advertising, also known as “podvertising,” has been a major source of revenue for the podcast industry to stay in business, publishers understand that without the ad support, building a strong fan base will take time. Publishers have to realize that their customers are also on a mission to find a podcast that will fulfill their needs while sacrificing the least time possible. You might say grouping podcasts into their desired topics will help tailor a customer’s interest.

Won’t it?

Unfortunately, social media, iPhones, and the latest tech gadgets are cutting everyone’s attention span as the days go by, so a podcast publisher needs to catch the attention of their audience with speed, accuracy and integration ease.

A podcast publisher can greatly improve their business top down by making one simple adjustment. That would be transcribing their audio into transcription files that are then made available to download free, or included with a premium service. Once a publisher makes the decision to implement this type of service, immediately a few key business drivers are now in their favor.

By making a transcription available of the audio, search engine optimization will lead to better indexing, which increases search traffic and visitors to the website. For all the publishers that keep up to date with their website analytics, take my word, you will notice a spike in website impressions and warmer customers directed toward you.

Have you noticed that subconsciously we all tend to share interesting articles, empowering author quotes, or essentially anything that can be copied and pasted because we have the ability to leverage our connections through social media?

In reality, the information we can take in through reading transcription compared to listening is much faster. By commissioning downloadable transcription files, publishers instantly make themselves available to a much wider audience of potential customers. For example, the entire hearing impaired community will now have access to your information whenever new episodes are released. An audience on a global scale is reached because keeping up with an audio file, if English is not the listener’s first language, is difficult. Transcription gives customers’ a choice to engage in the podcast in whatever way makes them feel comfortable.

So what am I trying to say, just in case your news feed took your attention away for a brief second, is that podcast transcription is the most simple and effective action publishers can make available for their fan base and potential customers. If you really think about it, publishers have nothing to lose but everything to gain when they understand what transcription will do for their future business. A huge new wave of podcast customers will hit the industry during the next year and there is no better way to stand out from the masses than having your podcast transcribed.

Written by Daniel Lee

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