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By April 20, 2012September 4th, 2021No Comments

I am not a transcriber but like many transcribers, I am a freelancer. As such, I am part of a global movement toward working on my own terms. The lure of transcription work and freelance work in general, is the ability to juggle time and priorities in a way that works for the individual – for me and for my family. This is a charm almost all the time, until school holidays roll around.

As a freelancer, the school holidays pose a special problem for me. How do I give the kids the care and attention they need even while I am doing my job?

A few years ago, this dilemma was the source of great strife for me several times every year as the school holidays approached and throughout. When school resumed, at the end of a break, there was always an audible sigh of relief from me and often, from the kids too. That is how it used to be.

Times have changed and so has the way I work – dramatically. Now, instead of stressing through the school holidays I enjoy myself even while I work and look after the kids.

How do I do it you ask?

The answer is in using the right equipment and choosing the perfect school holiday activities, and these past holidays, I nailed both! The right equipment is my smartphone using the TranscribeMe app. The right activities turned out to be kayaking for my son and horse riding for my daughter – both activities I could watch attentively from a distance without my kids knowing I was actually hard at work.

Freelance writing on my smartphone allows me to dictate my blogs, articles, etc…. and receive the copy back as transcription in my email box. It is brilliant. I do not look at a computer screen until my kids are tucked away in bed but basically, the day’s work was completed while I basked and waved in the glory of the afternoon sun.

I cannot wait for the next school holidays!

Helga Sonier