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Why AI-Assisted Human Transcription is Here To Stay

AI-Assisted Human Transcription Is Here, And The Impact is Huge In a world with increasing volumes of video and audio content, the need for transcription services is stronger than ever. As such, leaps and bounds have been made in the development of artificial intelligence technology able to aid transcribers turning sound into text. While artificial intelligence is able to do…

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The TranscribeMe Transcription Process

Recently we shared our 5 Value Pillars, which are key components of what makes TranscribeMe such a great transcription service. Just beyond our strong values is a detailed process of efficiency and accuracy to ensure that the best quality transcriptions are produced for our customers and clients every day. From the minute you submit your file, to when you receive…

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Check out TranscribeMe’s New Website Homepage!

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We recently launched an update to our website that we couldn’t be more excited about. This website update means that our customers can learn about our product and process through improved navigation and easily share with others. Our brand new homepage was created with your first-hand experience at top of mind, showcasing a helpful video that will walk you through the transcription process in…

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Five Freaking Fantastic DEMO FACTS

TranscribeMe are heading to DEMO Asia. There are five good reasons to get excited about this – based on survey results spanning 20 years of DEMO.

The Magic Wand of Transcription

I made the mistake, once, of volunteering to transcribe an interview for a friend, thinking all I needed was my handy skill of typing at an average of 80 wpm. Unfortunately this was not enough – not considering when the average human talks at a speed of 110 – 150 wpm. It cost almost three hours — and a splitting headache — to filter through the 30-minute interview and create some semblance of sense on paper. A magic wand would have come in handy.

How Transcribing Has Changed Over the Years

Back in the day, a transcriber would sit at a desk equipped with cabling running from an enormous PC to headphones the size of a military gas mask. Feet would sit perched on a big, flat, foot pedal with more cabling connected to a dictation device containing an audio tape. The transcriber would wind forward and back by pressing a foot pedal listening to the audio while typing onto a keyboard with keys the size of typewriter buttons. Those good old days were only 10 years ago!

The Power of Spoken Word

Hello world! This is Alexei, writing my first blog post as a TranscribeMe founder, and I wanted to take a step back and deliberate a little on why we are doing transcription, and why it is so important that voice can be converted to text.

What is the power of voice? When we talk to one another, we use many ways to communicate meaning. We look for cues in facial expressions, body language, and most importantly, in our voice. As well as information, we convey emotions and feelings through spoken language, and this additional layer gives a new dimension to our meaning. We use voice to perceive reality and express ourselves to communicate efficiently, accurately and expressively. The best moments of using our voice come when we feel understood.