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Why AI-Assisted Human Transcription is Here To Stay

By June 18, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments

AI-Assisted Human Transcription Is Here, And The Impact is Huge

In a world with increasing volumes of video and audio content, the need for transcription services is stronger than ever. As such, leaps and bounds have been made in the development of artificial intelligence technology able to aid transcribers turning sound into text. While artificial intelligence is able to do most of the heavy lifting in transcription work, the technology is not yet faultless, and therefore, human transcribers still have an important role to play in producing accurate transcriptions. However, with the support of AI, transcribers are able to save significant amounts of time and reduce error simultaneously.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Help Transcription?

Artificial intelligence for transcription works in the same way as most AI streams, training a specific software with high-quality examples, or datasets. Feeding more and more datasets to the software means it is able to gain more experience and build a stronger algorithm. With a stronger algorithm, it can process the data more and more quickly. As such, the software can develop “speech-to-text recognition”, which produces transcripts of the inputted audio. However, these systems are not yet 100% accurate, and professional transcribers are still needed to ensure that every transcription is perfect.

Saving Transcriptionists Time and Businesses Money

When it comes to transcription, clients need accurate results with increasingly quick turnaround times. Whether it’s for a transcript of a meeting, an interview or a conference, the need to have a precise record of what has been said can result in a huge amount of work, which is often outsourced to a professional transcription service. However, using artificial intelligence is able to dramatically reduce a transcriber’s workload. The bulk of the transcription can be done by intelligent software, powered by AI, that can then be double-checked and modified by a transcriber. Time saved translates to big savings for businesses, able to receive the same results for significantly reduced costs.

Reducing Error to Keep Transcribers at the Top of the Game

While vast improvements have been made in AI technology for transcription, there are instances in which it is not yet advanced enough to produce the desired results. For example, in instances such as transcribing a discussion between several overlapping voices, or a conversation that jumps between different languages or dialects, the high level of nuance in human speech is preventing software from achieving total accuracy. Nevertheless, by completing a significant portion of the transcribing work, the human transcriber is able to check the computer-generated transcript for errors, rather than relying on just a human transcriber to do the work. This way, it’s like having two people work on the same transcription, providing checks and balances that reduce the error rate.

How TranscribeMe’s AI-Assisted Human Transcription Works

Whether it’s for traditional transcription needs, such as with legal or medical documents, or newer demands such as subtitling Youtube videos, there is an ever-increasing need for transcription services. At TranscribeMe, we use the most advanced technology in the industry to provide expert transcribers with best-in-class tools to provide exceptional results at the lowest prices. Our proven track record of customer satisfaction is combined with our tireless passion to provide the highest quality of transcription services.

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