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Five Freaking Fantastic DEMO FACTS

By February 24, 2012July 12th, 2023No Comments

TranscribeMe are heading to DEMO Asia. There are five good reasons to get excited about this – based on survey results spanning 20 years of DEMO.

  • 92% of DEMO participants felt DEMO garnered good to excellent media coverage for their product.
  • In the past 5 years, DEMO companies have raised in excess of 4.5 billion dollars following a DEMO debut.
  • Technology superstars like Adobe, Google, Microsoft and others have acquired 50+ companies exhibiting at DEMO.
  • 62% of companies at DEMO received over 1 million dollars in venture and angel investment post DEMO.
  • Of those companies that received post DEMO funding, 92% of them did so within 9 months of DEMO and 22% of did so within 60 days of DEMO.

The question is, if you are not TranscribeMe, or one of the other companies pitching at DEMO, what do you care?

Well, if you are a transcriber, or someone who uses transcription, or someone who wishes there was a transcription service they would want to use (anyone who has sought decent transcription to date will know what I mean) then you might care. If some or any of these statistics translate to reality for TranscribeMe, the company will take a mammoth leap closer to their goals. Goals of moving quickly beyond beta and to full service delivery of the greatest transcription services and systems ever created. For a company that has been moving rapidly already, this opportunity may way accelerate them straight to the apex of their dreams.

For the consumer that will mean finally, easy, accurate transcription with fast turnaround.

DEMO Asia 2012 goes into full swing next week. Watch this space!