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5 Challenges Facing the Speech Analytics Industry

Speech analytics refers to the process of using speech recognition software to obtain information on a service rendered in order to better understand how it can be improved or simply perform a routine quality check or employee training. At present, the use of this technology is most popular with call centers for monitoring and instructional purposes with previously-recorded, or even…

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How to Save Money Using Customer Service Speech Recognition

“This call is being recorded for training and quality purposes” is a phrase we’ve famously all heard before. Our calls are recorded by every customer service agent, the information is held in memory and eventually listened back to and analyzed for exactly what we heard in the message: training and quality purposes. Although very useful for listening, when trying to…

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H&R Block + TranscribeMe Case Study

Measuring and improving customer experience, one call at a time. H&R Block has offered tax preparation and banking services to people everywhere around the world since 1955. With an employee force of 80,000 highly trained, certified tax and client service professionals, they serve taxpayers and provide strategic financial solutions from San Francisco to Sydney.  H&R Block’s Challenge H&R Block places a…

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Ernst & Young + TranscribeMe Case Study

Simplifying consultant calls through accurate interview transcription Ernst & Young (EY) are the largest global business management consultant group in business today, supporting entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs and enterprise ventures alike. With a goal to make the working world as great as it can be through collaboration, strategic growth, and creative financial nurturing, EY are truly committed their clients and mission. Ernst…

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High Quality Voice Recognition for Successful Business Needs

Voice recognition services and providers have been around for decades, but until recently have only been used to highly specialized areas of business. Today, any organization (even small businesses) can benefit from custom, powerful speech recognition technology to capture important customer data and help make key business decisions. With high accuracy transcription and technology available online – and conveniently from…

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