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High Quality Voice Recognition for Successful Business Needs

By September 7, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Voice recognition services and providers have been around for decades, but until recently have only been used to highly specialized areas of business. Today, any organization (even small businesses) can benefit from custom, powerful speech recognition technology to capture important customer data and help make key business decisions.

With high accuracy transcription and technology available online – and conveniently from mobile devices – voice recognition technology can be the right solution for your business.

How Businesses Benefit From Voice Recognition

Being able to speak or dictate at a normal speed and then have your words automatically transcribed into accurate text is a huge productivity booster that all kinds of businesses can draw benefits from.

>> Save incredible amounts of time, energy and even money by choosing a voice recognition and transcription solution over traditional typing.

>> Capture important metadata, like age, gender, emotion, overall sentiment, topics of discussion, and other key classifiers so that you can truly understand your customers.

>> Generate text that is easy to search for and index whenever you need it, including transcribing meetings and interviews, HR claims, training videos, technical documentation, and even customer interactions.

>> Improve customer support processes for agents and support managers (and even keep an eye on performance) by capturing and tracking voice from your support conversations.

Solutions for Specialized Industries

Voice recognition can go way beyond providing simple, accurate transcription solutions for businesses. Companies in specialized sectors, such as professional legal, administrative and medical roles, are in an ideal position to take advantage of voice recognition.

By combining voice recognition technology with the power of highly skilled human transcriptionists who understand your particular phrasing or jargon, your company will benefit from the most accurate transcripts possible. Large companies with contact centers can also utilize speech recognition technology to automatically detect keywords to route conversations to appropriate personnel, notify managers of problems in real-time, and learn about other potentially harmful issues before they get out of hand.

Choosing a Speech Technology Provider

When selecting a service for your business or organization, it’s key to be able to first identify your specific goals, expectations and limitations for a voice recognition service provider.

Our speech recognition and data mining technology solutions help deliver accurate, actionable information and insight through voice-to-text, customer voice metadata and more. With a secure, micro-tasked, hybrid transcription process completely unique to the industry, we offer unprecedented confidentiality and security.

Our specialized transcripts are produced by a highly-trained and vetted segment of our transcriptionist community to ensure total confidentiality. We can even provide teams of geofenced workers (located in specific areas)!

Ready to see how voice recognition technology and transcription solutions can improve your business? Request a FREE quote today!