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Ernst & Young + TranscribeMe Case Study

By December 2, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Simplifying consultant calls through accurate interview transcription

Ernst & Young (EY) are the largest global business management consultant group in business today, supporting entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs and enterprise ventures alike. With a goal to make the working world as great as it can be through collaboration, strategic growth, and creative financial nurturing, EY are truly committed their clients and mission.

Ernst & Young’s Challenge

As a consultant group operating on an international scale, Ernst & Young’s business management subsidiary, Parthenon, performs many research-related calls between consultants and their business clients.

Because these representatives needed to balance an interview with a client and take precise notes at the same time, EY and Parthenon understood that the process needed to be simplified in order to improve client-agent relationships, as well as the collection of key information. With so many calls being made by over 100 consultants on a daily basis, the group sought the help of a better system to transcribe client interviews efficiently.

TranscribeMe’s Solution

TranscribeMe delivers highly accurate transcription for every research call made, allowing EY and Parthenon consultants to truly be present in every conversation, as well as provide a text-based way to quickly and easily reference client information for notes and analysis.

With each voice to text transcription produced by a dedicated team of expert human transcriptionists, TranscribeMe accurately transcribes hundreds of audio hours every month for the consultants – each within a matter of days. TranscribeMe provides Ernst & Young with:

  • Incredibly fast turnaround (within 1-3 days)
  • Highly accurate voice to text transcription
  • A scalable solution for a high volume of calls
  • Formatted text, ready for any analysis platform

About TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe provides a suite of services delivering the highest accuracy text at the lowest prices, supplying custom and affordable solutions for leading companies all over the world. TranscribeMe’s transcription workflow converts audio and video content into easily shareable, searchable formats. In providing a unique, accurate and scalable service, customers vary from leading global enterprises to students and small businesses across a variety of key verticals.

Please contact us for more information about how your organization can benefit from TranscribeMe.