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Podcast Transcripts: How to Get Transcriptions for Podcasts

One major thing that all podcasters should be doing, but many aren’t, is to transcribe podcasts. While the text version of your recorded audio show may not seem like the most necessary plan-of-action, there are a ton of benefits that are often overlooked. For instance, podcast transcripts lead to: Improved search engine optimization (SEO) and podcast traffic thanks to easier…

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7 Undeniable Reasons You Need to Transcribe Your Podcasts

For those of you podcast creators looking for reasons to branch out and improve your podcasts for whatever reasons, there are absolutely no disadvantages to this extra. It will only benefit you, and the direction you are taking. The simplicity is already a winner, but there are also many underlying reasons to use speech-to-text transcriptions you probably didn’t think about….

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Podcast Transcription

Since podcasting was launched back in 2004, usage and awareness has been gaining rapid momentum. Projections are showing that in 2013 nearly 40 million people will be downloading podcast material on a weekly basis. Because of the incredible amount of information we feed our mind just to keep up with the newest trend, sometimes allocating time to listen to a podcast you downloaded last month is too difficult. In this day and age, everyone dreams of the new innovative way to increase business and at the same time save the most valuable asset we own “time”.

Because advertising, also known as “podvertising,” has been a major source of revenue for the podcast industry to stay in business, publishers understand that without the ad support, building a strong fan base will take time. Publishers have to realize that their customers are also on a mission to find a podcast that will fulfill their needs while sacrificing the least time possible. You might say grouping podcasts into their desired topics will help tailor a customer’s interest.