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Hybrid Tech for Enterprise: Speech Technology & Transcriptionists

Large businesses and commercial enterprise companies worldwide can benefit largely from speech recognition technologies. In the past several years, both the quality and accuracy of voice technology has become more widely adopted as forward-thinking companies, and their call centers, see its value in helping drive intelligent business decisions. TranscribeMe provides industry-leading Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR) and data mining technology solutions….

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Enterprise Solutions: High Quality Transcription to Scale

Every business has different needs, and we strive to cater to every single one. Our proven record of high volume speech-to-text transcriptions completed quickly, accurately and to scale, along with our high accuracy speech recognition technology, are what makes TranscribeMe’s solutions for enterprise companies unrivaled. Custom Enterprise Transcription We offer completely customized packages for enterprise customers to fit any project…

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The TranscribeMe Crowd: More than just transcribers

One of the most unique things about TranscribeMe is our hybrid approach to transcription. Using both technology and human transcribers, we are able to develop transcripts with 98% accuracy, a fast turnaround, and competitive rates for our customers. However, our crowd-sourced transcriptions are different from other traditionally crowd sourced labor because our platform consists of skilled professionals that go through…

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