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Enterprise Solutions: High Quality Transcription to Scale

By February 26, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Every business has different needs, and we strive to cater to every single one. Our proven record of high volume speech-to-text transcriptions completed quickly, accurately and to scale, along with our high accuracy speech recognition technology, are what makes TranscribeMe’s solutions for enterprise companies unrivaled.

Custom Enterprise Transcription

We offer completely customized packages for enterprise customers to fit any project specifications. Whether these needs are recurring (weekly, monthly or even yearly), require specialized editing, formatting and enhanced security, or anywhere in between, our dedicated team will create a personalized plan to ensure that everything is handled with care.

There are always opportunities for change that ultimately lead to a healthy, prolonged success, and transcribing audio and video content will enable you to navigate these improvements. We’ll work with you to develop a system that makes sense for your long-term goals.

Scalable Solutions

Our high accuracy speech recognition technology is best-in-class, providing companies worldwide with the necessary tools to efficiently convert voice-to-text. Automation alone can’t handle the superior accuracy and fast turnaround that many companies look for, however.

With a loyal, knowledgeable community of over 100,000 domain-trained transcribers and translators on-call, we are always ready to take on large scale projects of any nature or requirement. Depending on your project’s specific volume, we’ll also build out a specialized group of transcribers to get the job done accurately, and to scale.

With our vast network of experts based all around the world and high accuracy speech recognition technology, recurring or special projects at any volume are made possible.

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Any questions? Our Support Staff is always here to help – please reach out at any time.