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Accurate & Fast Transcription Services for Digital Reporters

We are a World Class Legal Transcription company that saves digital court reporters, certified stenographic reporters, law firms, and police time and money by converting your audio/video content into a legal formatted transcript quickly and securely.

Court Transcription Services
TranscribeMe & Stenograph Partnership

TranscribeMe & Stenograph Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Stenograph. This partnership enables Digital Reporters and other legal professionals the ability to take on additional legal proceedings and increase transcription production capacity.

As Stenograph’s official transcription partner, we are combining Stenograph’s proprietary speech recognition technology, Phoenix, with TranscribeMe’s expert freelance workforce. This will enable legal professionals the ability to receive formatted legal transcripts quickly and at scale.

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Services We Provide

MAXScribe Compatible

  • Perfect for Digital Reporters that use MAXScribe and need support in getting high accuracy transcripts made
  • Provides transcripts that are easily imported into MAXScribe
  • 2 business day delivery

Formatted Legal

  • Perfect for Digital Reporting firms and other legal professionals that need completed legal transcripts
  • Provides formats such as ASCII, PDF with final formatting, Word or RTF outputs
  • 2 business day delivery

AI Formatted Legal

  • Get the most advanced AI generated rough legal transcripts, perfect for Digital Reporters
  • Provides formats such as ASCII, PDF with final formatting, Word or RTF outputs
  • Same business day delivery

Standard Transcripts

  • Perfect for interviews, police body cam videos, audio & video captured for evidence, and other e-discovery use cases
  • 99%+ accuracy guarantee
  • 2 business day delivery

Bilingual Transcripts & Translations

  • Suitable for multi-lingual audio
  • Specialized in 15+ languages for source transcripts and translations
  • Skilled bilingual teams offer customized format outputs
Legal Transcription service

How can TranscribeMe assist with Digital Court Reporters and agencies?

Our skilled and trained workforce provides an efficient way to quickly and easily transcribe what is spoken verbatim within a legal proceeding, allowing Digital Reporters and agencies to simply proof a final transcript instead of transcribing it themselves. This will enable them to prioritize capturing the record.

By leveraging TranscribeMe’s transcription services, Digital Reporters and firms will free up significant time to allow reporters the ability to increase the amount of legal proceedings they capture, and have the peace of mind knowing that transcription production will be handled by a trustworthy team. In turn this will help firms boost revenues and grow much faster.

How TranscribeMe Delivers the Highest Accuracy Transcription

At TranscribeMe we have built a proprietary platform that combine the latest in speech recognition technology with the best in human intelligence to deliver consistent high accuracy transcripts. Our global workforce of trained legal transcriptionists undergo extensive training and our processes ensure that quality assurance is maintained to the highest standards. The platform was built with the highest information security protocols in mind so your data will be stored and maintained securely.

With the ever increasing demand for transcription capacity in the legal industry and the decreasing supply of court reporters, it is vital to find a partner that you can trust to provide the best quality transcripts. Our workflows have been built to deliver this, and to do so affordably and at scale.

Court Reporter Transcription service

About Our Transcription Services for Digital Reporters

TranscribeMe provides Excellent Legal Transcription services allowing firms to work more efficiently. Pricing Per Page Available upon request.


We source workers that demonstrate competency in native English and all freelancers must successfully undergo rigid testing and training to join our Legal team.


We can cater our service to meet your requirements and needs

Saving You Time

TranscribeMe can reduce a court reporter’s transcription processing time by an estimated 50-70%!


Transcripts can be delivered in any jurisdictional format, and we can provide Roughs to you as well.

Get Started with a Quote!

The efficiency you gain with our transcription services allows you to save time, resulting in the ability to assist more clients, and earn more revenue overall. Request a quote today to learn more.

Types of Services We Provide Legal Professionals

We provide many specialized transcription services for legal professionals, court reporters, attorneys, emergency services, and corporations that include:

  • Depositions
  • Conferences
  • Administrative transcription
  • Legal document translation
  • Interrogations
  • Wiretaps
  • Court Procedures
  • HR and claims interviews
  • Memorandums
  • Mediations & other legal proceedings
  • 911 calls
  • Investigative interviews
  • Police body camera transcripts
  • Audio & video e-discovery

Increase Your Firm’s Efficiency with TranscribeMe

Without enough Digital Reporters, firms are unable to grow as quickly as they like and courts are experiencing delays. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of capacity in transcription production.

Using TranscribeMe as a resource to help produce transcripts will enable you and your firm to increase the amount of legal proceedings you take on and boost revenues. Get a quote to find out how we can help you today

Legal Transcription FAQs

How can I order your court transcription services?

Each use case has different requirements, therefore we ask you to submit your information for a quote so we can review your project and best meet your needs. Once you submit your information a member of our service team will get back to you quickly, give you a quote, and answer any questions you may have to get you started.

What are the qualifications of your Legal transcriptionists?

Each transcriptionist has training in legal terminology, formatting and style. They also have to have a proven high-accuracy track record prior to joining the team.

Do you provide certification of your transcription?

We can provide a certification document for each transcript that stipulates that the transcription was conducted by TranscribeMe and done to the best of our abilities. We do not provide court certified transcripts. If you are unsure what level of certification is required, please reach out to your local jurisdiction

Who can I contact during the process if I have a question?

You will be assigned a representative from our Sales team who will contact you  during the project to assist with any questions you may have. 

What hours do you work?

We operate our transcription services 24/7.  Our account and project managers are available 9am-5pm PST Monday – Friday. Our support team is available to handle emergencies 24/7.

Will my legal records be kept confidential and stored securely?

Yes, we maintain the industry’s highest levels of confidentiality and security protocols. All data is encrypted for your security. ‘In addition you can let our team know if you would like us to remove your data.

What is the cost of Legal Transcription?

Cost varies depending on the amount of customization, size, and timeline of your project. Pricing per page is also available, once we have your transcription requirements. Simply submit your requirements in our ‘Get a Quote’ Form and our team will work with your on custom pricing for your project.

Can Your Transcriptionists Handle Difficult Testimony?

Yes, our transcriptionists are able to handle a wide variety of legal proceedings, difficult or triggering testimony, and even translate court proceedings from another language. 

How quickly can your team turn a legal audio recording into a transcription?

It depends upon the amount of customizations and project specifications, however for a standard hour of audio or less, with no customizations, it can be delivered back to you within around 24-48 hours or less.

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