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Our Guide to Transcript Formatting and Editing Styles

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transcription formatting

Here at TranscribeMe, we want to ensure our customer’s satisfaction and so we have a variety of transcript formatting and editing styles to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Here is a brief overview of our transcript format and style types. We also do custom formatting, but most of our customers are happy with one of the many combinations of our product. Before we get started, here is a sample transcript that displays some of our many formatting options for perfect clarity and readability:

TranscribeMe sample transcript cover page

TranscribeMe sample transcript

Content Editing

Full Verbatim 

We transcribe your text exactly as it sounds, complete with repetitions and speech errors.

Clean Verbatim 

Your text is transcribed and all filler words are removed, such as: hmm, you know, like, etc. We also clean up stutters and stammers, as well as filler words. For example: “It was, like, you know, a pretty boring experience” is changed to read: “It was a pretty boring experience.”

Edited Verbatim 

Your text is transcribed in a way that is ready for publishing. We improve grammar and tenses for better readability.


Speaker Identification

When transcribing multiple speaker files, we can differentiate between speakers or transcribe the text as if just one person were saying the entire thing. Speaker identification is included in the price and we typically do S1, S2, S3, and so on type labels, or we can customize them to fit the speaker’s names if you speak with one of our sales representatives directly.


We typically produce timestamps every 2 minutes or every time that the speaker switches with another person. However, we can provide timestamps at different intervals depending on your needs.


This specialized format provides time stamps at very specific intervals. This is the format most commonly used in closed captioning and it pairs perfectly with your closed captioning software.


This format is used to transcribe interviews that will be run through the NVivo data analysis software. Academic researchers typically use NVivo to analyze specific keywords in their qualitative research, but this format could be used by market researchers as well.

Market Research

This transcript formatting is used by market researchers, but it is not compatible with NVivo. It does not contain time stamps and specifically differentiates between the moderator of a focus group and the respondents.

Custom Formatting

Although most clients are satisfied with our selection of content editing and transcript formatting, we can also accommodate custom formatting requests. These can include specialized formatting or content editing requests.


Get in touch with us today to discuss any specific format!

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This article was originally published on June 12, 2018.