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How to Get Audio-to-Text with a Speech Recognition API

By December 6, 2019September 1st, 2022No Comments

As we become more familiar with the multitude of tools available for audio-to-text transcription, it becomes all the more clear how much we rely on emergent technologies to assist us in our increasingly complex tasks.

From interviews, to class lectures, to testimonies, the need for fast, accurate transcription is greater than ever. In social media, having web-based APIs makes it possible for individuals and communities to share their content with other entities online.

This is why having a speech recognition API is great for everyone. The more resources are available to us to share, the faster we need to be. So that’s why having a speech recognition API is so crucial. It allows users to record events and create transcripts in a matter of minutes, which makes it ready to share with anyone, anywhere. 

So, how to do it?

  1. Get Your Recording

As long as you have a clear recording, you can upload your file into the automated transcription software. Files from any sources on your computer are compatible with our speech recognition API.


  1. Get Your Transcription

Once your file is uploaded, TranscribeMe’s speech-recognition software quickly and effectively creates transcriptions of your audio files. With our technology, you can count on exceptional results. 

  1. Download and Share Your Transcription

After your transcription is complete, you will have it emailed to you, with the capability of downloading it in multiple formats, giving you the option to save or use your transcriptions in any way that you need them.

An added plus to using our API is that your transcription is fully secure, so even if you need to share it with anyone, you can rest assured that your data is fully encrypted and secure with our software. 

Looking for help with the developer API? We’re happy to help! Get in touch with our sales team and request a free demo today!  There has never been a better time to get started… TranscribeMe provides a variety of services including transcription services for audio and video files, automated speech recognition and translation to different languages for audio and text that will help catapult your enterprise into the future. All this with high accuracy, timeliness, and competitive prices. Contact a representative for more information today!