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Business Professional uses TranscribeMe iPhone App to Save Time and Increase Revenue

By February 6, 2015September 4th, 2021No Comments

Client Focus: Business Professionals

KATABOLT is a global business that takes New Zealand exporters into markets offshore. They provide strategic market validation services combined with help in developing effective channel to markets to win beachhead customers (those customers willing to try a new product or service) in the challenging and dynamic economies of US, Europe and Asia, through extensive global networks of international business owners.

Christopher Boys – KATABOLT CEO, is a busy business professional. He attends at least 3-4 meetings in an average day.
One of his biggest and most time-consuming challenges is following up after meetings with action points to
attendees. “I knew there must be a better way to do this using my iPhone, but I couldn’t find any useful apps,” said Christopher. I tried using speech recognition but the accuracy was laughable and human note-takers were too expensive. There really was no comprehensive tool available for recording my meetings for follow-up until TranscribeMe.” An average meeting is forty to sixty minutes long so with a schedule of four meetings daily, it’s easy to understand why Chris struggles with follow-up on important meeting action points. Some of his challenges include:

Decreased efficiency editing transcription created by speech recognition apps with low accuracy.
Lost Time Opportunities because he or his PA spent sixty minutes at the end of the day summarizing action points and sending follow up emails. Other transcription companies have typical turnaround times between two days and a week – too long to wait to action important matters.
Increased Costs from having his PA or a note taker along to important meetings.

The Solution

Christopher was looking for a convenient, mobile, and fast solution that would not only save huge amounts of his time everyday, but also reduce costs by allowing his PA to focus on getting things done rather than attend meetings to take notes. Chris chose to try the TranscribeMe iPhone app because of the potential speed and accuracy their new hybrid platform promised to deliver.

The Result

“The TranscribeMe iPhone app is an entrepreneurial must-have! Simple to use, turnaround time is unreal and it delivers damn near perfect accuracy. TranscribeMe solves a huge pain point in our industry,” says an enraptured Chris Boys after using the TranscribeMe iPhone app.

Since Chris downloaded the TranscribeMe app a week ago, he has increased his productivity by over 30%. He has set up an efficient workflow that that saves him a significant amount of time by enabling his staff to act on action points within a day. They receive the information they require immediately after every meeting. Chris says, “As soon as the meeting is finished, I dictate the action points and the meeting summary using the TranscribeMe iPhone app. Within a few minutes my PA receives the transcript and starts to act on the key points.”

What would you say to others considering TranscribeMe?

“What most people don’t realize is, TIME = MONEY. The small fee you pay to TranscribeMe is totally worth it because it frees your time to do what really matters and for me that means building the business, acquiring clients and increasing revenue. This is what I need to be doing rather than getting bogged down taking notes, etc…”

Chris is excited about other potential ways of using the TranscribeMe iPhone app like dictating emails, capturing thoughts and ideas, even recording and transcribing whole meetings.