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How to Work from Home as a Transcriptionist

By February 4, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you have to abandon the workforce altogether. Super Moms all around the world are adopting new ways to earn supplemental income in flexible ways, while keeping their skills sharp and juggling the often hectic life of a family. Transcription projects allow for stay-at-home parents to work when they want, as well as become a part of a vibrant online community.

The Perfect WFH Company

TranscribeMe is a highly acclaimed, top rated work-from-home site where you can make money by transcribing audio and video files. With a user-friendly platform, convenient and regular payouts, and a steady work stream year round, it’s an amazing opportunity for moms to earn extra money, take charge of their own work schedule, and spend more essential time with family. Below are real testimonials from real work-from-home-moms, in their own words, employed by TranscribeMe who love it, and why.

A Warm & Welcoming Community

Working for TranscribeMe is more than just a temp gig; it’s a chance to join a tight-knit, global community of like-minded people. You can easily connect with other transcribers, interact with a friendly community of professionals (and fellow moms!), and receive support and guidance from the friendliest crowd-sourced community from all around the world.

TranscribeMe has the most welcoming and encouraging atmosphere I’ve ever encountered in an online job situation. Help is available around the clock and instead of heavily penalizing mistakes, workers are given the additional training necessary to raise the quality of their output. Transcribers provide help for each other whenever they can which encourages me to ask questions. And opportunities for advancement come quickly as transcribers learn the ropes and increase their accuracy and job output.

Dian B.

Say Goodbye to the Daily Commute

There’s nothing more draining than spending a considerable part of your day trapped in the car or on the subway. It’s a pain to your wallet, the environment and, most importantly, your mental health. Studies have shown that commuting is literally bad for you; with increased weight gain, ongoing neck and back problems, and heightened levels of anxiety. Stop suffering in traffic, and spend more time engaging with your family face-to-face.

“I used to do a horrible 1.5 hour commute to work each way. Joining TranscribeMe allowed me to spend much more quality time with my children and even teach my daughter how to play piano!”


So Flexible You Won’t Need Yoga

When you’re able to have the opportunity to work when you want, as often as you want, there’s little to complain about. Put in overtime near the holidays for extra spending cash, or hold off during those inevitable sick days – the choice is ultimately yours. Schedules can change, and TranscribeMe understands that your time is valuable!

I love the flexibility and consistency of the work. It is nice to work when time allows and to not be penalized if there is an extended period of time when I am unavailable. I love how helpful the people and groups have been!


Get Skills, Skills, Skills

Transcribing is an active listening adventure. With hundreds of interesting projects from all over the globe, you will take a vital role in communicating for others. Listening-writing stimulates brain activity and teaches you comprehensive language skills that make for better writers, public speakers, editors and typists. With TranscribeMe, you’ll have unlimited potential for promotion on jobs and projects, and if you decide to transition to a career offline, you’ll have useful skills to offer any new workplace.

I love working at home with TranscribeMe because of the many different opportunities they have to offer. I started out as a Transcriptionist and quickly moved up to QA. I am now working on a Team Project that I love. It gives us the chance to work at home and still work as a group. TranscribeMe is the perfect way for me to make money and still have my busy lifestyle.

Sue M.

Join the TranscribeMe Community

Registering to become a transcriptionist is easy. Just head to the TranscribeMe Registration page and fill out your information. You’ll be asked to go through a brief training program, then to take an exam. Once you’ve passed the exam you’ll be given short chunks of audio to transcribe using style guidelines – and ta-da, you’re in!


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