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Confidentiality Guaranteed: About TranscribeMe’s Secure Process

By February 2, 2016September 21st, 2023One Comment

The security and privacy of our customers and clients is of the utmost importance to us – our detailed transcription process was built on efficiency, accuracy and security to ensure that the best quality transcript content is produced for our customers and clients every day.

TranscribeMe’s advanced speech recognition technology and trained human transcribers will get the job done right, securely and confidentially.

A Secure Workflow to Guarantee Privacy

TranscribeMe provides best-in-class protection with a uniquely designed algorithm that splits complicated content into easily distributed “micro-tasks.” Our proprietary platform ensures that no crowd-worker has more than a very small portion of a single project, and each transcription job assigned is chosen at random.

By segmenting into these micro-tasks, we prevent any single transcriptionist from having full access to your submitted audio files, thus protecting your confidentiality. This way, our crowd-workers can’t pick and choose the work they’re involved in, and therefore cannot establish the context of the projects as a whole.

Advanced Security & Confidentiality 

TranscribeMe has passed the most rigorous of security audits. Our service is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements, and includes multiple safeguards to protect the privacy, integrity and security of personal information.

Our security measures for data protection span multiple levels, including:

  • Infrastructure and network security
  • Micro-tasking security and confidentiality
  • Quality Assurance security measures
  • Geo-location and geo-fencing
  • Platform security

For the most sensitive of projects and/or clients, we’re able to perform background checks on the crowd-workers involved and provide their full resumes. Additionally, we offer the option to require all crowd-workers on the job to sign a client-specific NDA, as well as legal contracts.

With these strict security measures in place, TranscribeMe provides thorough confidentiality and privacy during the transcription process.

Visit our Privacy Policy or read up on our HIPAA Compliance for more information on our security. If you have any further questions, please contact us!