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How to compress audio files

By September 4, 2013September 4th, 2021No Comments

The TranscribeMe customer portal accepts various types of audio files, but can sometimes have a hard time uploading files if they are excessively large. A large file would be somewhere closer to the 320 but maximum. When you compress a file, it would probably be 128 bits or below. Because of this, some of our customers have asked how they can compress their files in order to upload them.

First, if your file is excessively large, or you have multiple files to upload, you can sync your Dropbox with the TranscribeMe customer portal. This allows the portal to grab the audio straight away.

If you don’t have Dropbox or wish to upload directly from your computer, you can compress your files in the following ways:

1) Most people can compress their files via the Windows Media Player or Apple’s iTunes, which have the ability to rip and compress files for users automatically when they import songs or other audio. You can then upload directly from these programs or re-save them to the original folder. This is a quick and easy way to compress your files as you can usually drag and drop multiple files at a time.

2) If you have a Mac and need to compress many files, you may choose to download a freeware program to do this for you. One of the easiest tools is called Handbrake You can download it for Mac through their website. From there, you can choose from amongst their options to compress your audio to the desired size or for the desired medium.

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 4.31.01 PM

If you have trouble with any of these options, please email us or leave us a comment and we can help you with your individual needs.